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EZ Installation Kit streamlines the conversion process for dealers upgrading Entegra-equipped Cirrus aircraft to Avidyne’s new Vantage12 displays. 

Melbourne, FL. – March 29, 2024 – Avidyne Corporation, a leading provider of integrated avionics systems announced at the Aviation Electronics Association’s annual convention their new EZ Installation Kit for their new Vantage12 displays for Cirrus aircraft. 

The EZ Installation Kit comprises an EZ Adapter Harness that mates to the existing Entegra wiring, and a pair of EZ Adapters that mount on the back of the new Vantage12 PFD and MFD displays, that are designed to dramatically reduce installation complexity while reducing overall downtime and cost. Avidyne is also making pre-cut panels and overlays available as part of the Cirrus upgrade package. 

“Avidyne was first to bring big-glass flight decks to the light GA market and now Vantage12 gives owners of these earlier Cirrus models (2000-2008) the ability to easily upgrade to larger 12-inch diagonal glass with touch screens, 3D Synthetic Vision, and most importantly, dual Attitude Reference Systems (ARS) that provide full redundancy and no loss of autopilot in the unlikely event of a display failure,” said Tom Harper, Avidyne’s Sr. Director of Marketing. “With over 4,000 Entegra-equipped and pre-Entegra Cirrus aircraft that are candidates for the Vantage12 upgrade, this represents a significant market potential for our dealer network, and a leap forward in technology, reliability, and safety for our customers.” 

Vantage12 requires dual Avidyne IFDs and DFC90 digital autopilot.  Avidyne also announced their recommended configuration for optimal utility to include dual Vantage12 displays with single Air Data Computer (ADC), plus an IFD540 for FMS/NAV/COM#1, IFD440 for FMS/NAV/COM#2, a DFC90 digital autopilot, and a remote-mounted AXP322 Mode S transponder, SkyTrax200 ADS-B In receiver, plus an AMX240 audio panel.  These items are sold separately. Installations may vary slightly based on customer preference.  Many Cirrus owners have already upgraded their legacy navigators and autopilot to IFDs and DFC90 in preparation for Vantage12.

About Vantage12

Vantage12 is a next-generation display upgrade for existing Entegra-equipped Cirrus aircraft. Their large 12-inch diagonal touchscreens provide significant display size, brightness, and processor performance improvements over legacy systems while retaining the ease of use that is synonymous with the Avidyne brand. Each Vantage12 display contains and integrated Attitude Reference Sensor (ARS) providing redundant input to the DFC90 digital autopilot for added safety and reliability.  Vantage12 includes Synthetic Vision with 3D display of nearby terrain, traffic, obstacles, airports, and flight plan overlay, plus a hybrid touch user interface that allows pilots to control the system with touch screen or dedicated knobs and buttons.  The Vantage12 PFD will be very familiar to current Entegra-equipped Cirrus owners in terms of ease of use and methods of operation, with a minimal transition learning curve. Vantage12 MFD provides full and split-screen displays of maps and flight plans, Jeppesen Approach Charts and Airport Diagrams, multiple user configurations, editable data blocks, checklists, and will share much of the same operational user interface as the popular IFD550/540/440 FMS/ GPS/ NAV/ COM systems.  Avidyne Vantage12 interfaces with existing engine instruments and SIU for engine instruments displayed on the Vantage12 MFD, or with newer DAUs that add primary engine instruments displayed on the Vantage12 PFD.   Panels and overlays are serial number specific depending on SR20/SR22, with/without Air Conditioning, and SIU/DUA configuration.  www.avidyne.com/vantage

Pricing & Availability

Dual Vantage12 displays with single ADC for the Cirrus are $33,000 USD MSRP for the pair (with Entegra PFD/MFD core return).  IFDs and DFC90 sold separately. 

An option for ADC#2 and a second magnetometer (MAG#2) is available for $9,500 USD MSRP. 

The EZ Adapter Kit, which includes an EZ Adapter Harness plus PFD/ MFD EZ Adapters is $2,100 USD MSRP. 

The precut Panel Kit with hardware is $250 USD MSRP. Panel overlays are available for $150 USD MSRP. 

Avidyne is currently finishing up the certification process on Vantage12 for Cirrus and is expecting initial deliveries later this year.

Overview video of EZ Installation Kit at: https://youtu.be/YlocUqEAWzg

About Avidyne Corporation (www.avidyne.com)
Avidyne’s continuing leadership in innovation and product design make flying safer, more accessible and more enjoyable for pilots and their passengers. The company offers a full line of avionics systems for corporate, military, and owner-flown piston- and turbine-powered fixed-wing and rotor-wing aircraft. Headquartered in Melbourne, FL, the company has additional facilities in Westerville, OH, and Concord, MA.

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