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VARON Launches New Image and Website

Miami, FL – VARON announces it has completely renewed its corporate image as part of its rebranding process, which took place during most of 2023 and finalized in 2024. The company understands the need to identify with the most imminent use case of its advanced air mobility operations, which is in tourism using eVTOL aircraft that are becoming available today, while at the same time projecting its view for future development into other novel air mobility markets, through a fresh, modern and relatable image.

VARON has also launched its completely new website with new content at www.varon.aero, with a focused and clearer description of the company’s first implementation and future operations. 

The company has evolved its brand to better communicate the direction it is headed, with a new name, image and website that truly transmit its vision and potential.

VARON is a disruptive mobility infrastructure company, implementing advanced air mobility operations to provide potentially disruptive transportation services. www.varon.aero. Contact: [email protected]

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