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TracPlus Unveils 'Trip Analysis' Feature, Elevating Asset Tracking and Safety Insights

TracPlus, the global leader in real-time tracking, communication, and data analytics for mission-critical operations, is proud to announce the launch of its latest innovation, Trip Analysis. This new feature represents a significant leap in asset tracking and operational insight, especially pertinent to wildland firefighting and emergency services.

Trip Analysis is a comprehensive analytics tool that enables detailed monitoring and evaluation of asset movements, offering a deeper insight into operational performance through advanced features such as geo-referenced tracking, sub-trip analysis, and unique altitude insights.

The key features include:

  1. Geo-referenced Departure and Arrival Locations: Each trip is meticulously mapped with geo-referenced data points, pinpointing departure and arrival locations. This feature allows for precise tracking, whether the asset departs from or arrives at airfields, heliports, or towns, ensuring detailed logistical oversight.
  2. Time and Date of Departures and Arrivals: The tool provides exact time and date stamps for each departure and arrival, offering a chronological perspective of asset movements.
  3. Trip Duration and Distance: Users can obtain a comprehensive overview of each journey, including the duration and the distance covered. This aids in assessing the efficiency of operations and planning future missions with greater accuracy.
  4. Sub-Trip Summaries: For operations involving multiple legs or destinations, 'Trip Analysis' breaks down the journey into sub-trips, providing summaries that detail the duration and distance of each segment.
  5. Analysis of Engine Events: A pivotal feature for aircraft, particularly those with turbine engines, is the ability to analyse engine events separately from the trips. This is essential for aircraft that may complete multiple trips per engine event, offering critical insights into operational performance and asset utilisation.
  6. Exportable Data Insights: The tool allows users to download comprehensive insights into a CSV format, facilitating further analysis and record-keeping.
  7. Detailed Altitude and Speed Analysis: The feature presents a graphical representation of altitude and speed over time and distance. This includes the unique ability to display altitude both Above Mean Sea Level (AMSL) and Above Ground Level (AGL), providing vital safety insights, especially in varied terrain.
  8. Access to Raw Reports and Metadata: Users can delve deeper into the data with access to raw reports and metadata (from integrations with ATUs for pickup and drop details, and other onboard systems), enhancing the granularity of analysis and decision-making processes.

This tool is designed to significantly boost the operational efficiency and safety protocols for leading agencies and operators who rely on TracPlus to help bring their people home from some of the most demanding environments in the world. Its detailed analytics support better decision-making and performance evaluation, particularly valuable in the high-stakes environments of wildland firefighting and emergency response.

TracPlus’ Global Head of Product, Wayne Oxenham says that Trip Analysis is a game-changer for asset tracking and operational intelligence and is a direct response to the challenges our partners face in the field.

“This development streamlines complex location data into actionable and accessible insights, enabling organisations to understand their fleet’s performance and therefore optimise their efficiency and safety.

“Previously, organisations typically used manual processes to collect and analyse such data, but now, thanks to our advanced algorithms, TracPlus can automatically surface this critical information from existing data. This saves time, ensures accuracy and in many cases improves safety. For some customers this may even lead to more revenue. It's a clear reflection of our commitment to continually evolve our technology in line with the needs of those in critical, high-stakes environments.” says Wayne.

Trip Analysis is currently available as a Beta release, allowing early adopters to experience firsthand the transformative impact of this tool on operational efficiency and safety. Following this initial phase, TracPlus is excited to announce that 'Trip Analysis' will be available for wider release in early 2024.

Organisations interested in exploring how Trip Analysis can benefit their operations are encouraged to reach out to TracPlus for more information or to arrange a demonstration.

For more information or to schedule a demonstration, please contact the TracPlus team at [email protected]

About TracPlus

As a global market leader in the realm of wildland firefighting data and insights, TracPlus has established itself as an indispensable partner for organisations seeking to optimise their mission-critical operations. With a legacy built on innovation, reliability, and an unwavering commitment to safety, TracPlus stands at the forefront of providing advanced telemetry and data solutions.

Our expertise extends beyond traditional tracking systems, offering a comprehensive suite of tools that deliver real-time, actionable intelligence. TracPlus’s powerful, cloud-based platform is specifically designed to cater to the dynamic and challenging environments of wildland firefighting and emergency services. We specialise in seamlessly integrating multiple data streams and asset types into a unified operational picture, ensuring that our clients have access to a 'single view of the truth' regardless of the asset's nature or the tracking technology used.

Our solutions are not just about cutting-edge technology; they represent our deep understanding of the critical nature of our clients' work. TracPlus has been instrumental in supporting firefighting efforts and emergency responses globally, offering a level of insight and situational awareness that is unparalleled in the industry.

TracPlus’s commitment to innovation is driven by our core mission to enhance safety and operational efficiency. Our team of experts continuously works to push the boundaries of what is possible, developing tools like 'Trip Analysis' that set new standards in the industry. This approach has not only earned us the trust of clients in over 40 countries but has also solidified our position as a leader in providing solutions that make a tangible difference in high-stakes situations.

At TracPlus, we understand that the safety and success of wildland firefighting and emergency response teams depend on accurate, timely data. Our dedication to delivering this data in the most effective and efficient way possible is what makes us a trusted name in the industry and a key player in shaping the future of operational intelligence and safety.

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