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Executive Watch - Steve Wysong, President of Wysong Enterprises Inc.

Posted by Admin

Steve Wysong, the pioneering founder of avionics company, Wysong Enterprises, was born in Dayton, Ohio. That’s fitting, for Dayton also birthed another pioneering aviation shop started by the Wright Brothers. Like those famous flyers, Wysong’s life didn’t have the smoothest takeoff. His pastor-in-training father died before Wysong was born. He was raised by his mother and grandmother—and his grandfather’s power tools. The mother and grandmother nurtured their young boy and the tools occupied his hands and trained his brain. He says, “I didn’t have a lot of father guidance, so I had to do a lot of experimenting and teaching myself how to work with these tools. I played with them a lot and developed pretty good technical skills.” [Read More...]

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