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How To Become A Helicopter Pilot

Posted 14 years 96 days ago ago by Admin

Search no more!

We here at Justhelicopters.com have produced a comprehensive downloadable EBook titled “Everything you ever wanted to know about becoming a helicopter pilot”. This EBook is offered by TheHelicopterStore.com.

At nearly 100 pages this EBook is the single most comprehensive source of information available on the topic and will answer hundreds of common questions. Here is a short list:

What are the pre-requisites for becoming a helicopter pilot? Medical or legal disqualifications?
Is there really a shortage of helicopter pilots?
How much will flight training cost?
How will I pay for flight training? What are the options?
Do I need to fly airplanes before learning to fly helicopters?
Where can I find lists of schools?
Where can I find personal reviews or opinions on a particular flight school?
How do I choose a flight school and an instructor?
What about schools that claim to guarantee a job after training?
What type of helicopters are used for training?
Which helicopter should I use?
What is life as a student pilot in training like?
What is the employment outlook for helicopter pilots?
What is the life of a helicopter pilot like?
What kinds of schedules do helicopter pilots work?
What jobs are available in the helicopter industry and where are they?
How much can I expect to earn as a helicopter pilot?
How quickly can I advance in my career as a helicopter pilot?
What are traditional career paths for helicopter pilots?
Resource guide for helicopter pilots.

THIS EBOOK IS A MUST READ FOR ASPIRING HELICOPTER PILOTS. Not only will it save you time and money but give you invaluable insight into the world of helicopters beyond just the flight training environment.

To read excerpts from the book, get to know the authors, see reader reviews, and learn more about the EBook visit www.thehelicopterstore.com.