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Heli – Success! 3rd Annual Career Development Seminar & Networking Event

Posted 13 years 315 days ago ago by Admin

Las Vegas, NV. October 31 & November 1, 2010 – Put a face to a name! Shake hands with the hiring authorities! Get your resume into the right hands of the right people!

Sponsored by Bristow Group and Rotorcraft Pro Media Network, and produced by the team from Verticalreference.com and Justhelicopters.com, comes a two day Helicopter Career Development Seminar and Networking Event for seminar pic2Helicopter Pilots, Mechanics and Operators titled “Heli-Success”
Seminar Producer Lyn Burks said, “As a veteran helicopter pilot and industry recruiter, I see so many people in this industry entering various job markets who are ill informed about their career path options. Additionally, they are not prepared to present themselves to the hiring authorities. First impressions and presentation are everything and we want to give the new generation the tools to make them more competitive and successful in the real world of helicopters.”
This educational seminar is designed to offer helicopter industry professionals, who may be in the early stages or a transition phase of their career, an opportunity for learning and networking. It is also geared toward those who are looking for inside information which may give them a competitive edge in the helicopter industry hiring process. It will focus on several areas that can make or break helicopter industry personnel in their quest for career success.
Seminar Picture 1Lyn Burks also said, “So far we have received tremendous support from the Industry for this much needed product. In addition to myself, we have guest speakers from several of the largest players in the helicopter industry including Bristow Group, Air Methods Corporation, Evergreen Helicopters, Med-Trans, Flight Safety International, and Papillon Grand Canyon Helicopters just to name a few.”
To learn much more about the topics and speakers and activities surrounding this event CLICK HERE!