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Certified, Integrated and Interchangeable EMS Equipment

Posted 12 years 249 days ago ago by Admin

Certified, Integrated and Interchangeable EMS Equipment

Intermountain Healthcare in Salt Lake City, Utah recently received the first of five Agusta Westland 109SP Grand New helicopters with a US-certified emergency medical service (EMS) interior designed by Spectrum Aeromed. This EMS-configured aircraft is completely integrated with the five other aircraft in the Intermountain Life Flight fleet, meaning the EMS equipment is interchangeable among any of Intermountain‘s aircraft.Spectrum Aeromed


Intermountain’s fleet also includes two Agusta Westland 109K2s and three King Air 200s. "This is a wonderful opportunity for Intermountain Life Flight to reach our goal of fleet standardization," said Jerry Morrison, Executive Director, Intermountain Life Flight.


Spectrum Aeromed created a customized EMS interior for Intermountain’s 109 Grand New helicopter that features a state-of-the-art single-patient stretcher platform, a secondary foldable and stowable patient stretcher, as well as comprehensive advanced life support packages comprised of medical oxygen, suction, compressed air and an electric inverter.


The dedicated EMS configuration has modular capabilities, which makes it easy for the medical team and pilots to interchange the components as specific emergency needs arise without the need for on-site mechanics or special tools. They can configure for single- or dual-patient missions and because the patient stretchers and infant transport decks are interchangeable among all aircraft, they are able to choose whichever aircraft is ready, accesible and appropriate for the situation.


“We couldn’t be more pleased about the solutions Spectrum Aeromed developed for us. When lives are at stake minutes count, so the fact that anyone on our flight crew can install or remove any of our air ambulance equipment and move it from one aircraft to another means we’re up in the air that much sooner. This flexibility enhances safety and quality of patient care,” says Jerry Morrison, Executive Director of Intermountain Life Flight. 


Next generation EMS equipment

Spectrum Aeromed is a leading global designer and manufacturer of custom air medical and air ambulance equipment for fixed and rotor wing aircraft.


When it comes to developing next-generation EMS equipment, vice president of business development, Bruce Gullingsrud says, “We listen to our customers because no one knows more about how EMS equipment should function than those who use it every day. It’s their special requests and suggestions that initiate upgrades, additional bells and whistles and new designs.


It’s this kind of responsiveness that leads to the development of a one-of-a-kind equipment, as was the case with the Los Angeles Fire Department’s (LAFD) Air Operations Section. They needed a custom carry-on medical device stand for their Agusta Westland 139 multi-mission helicopters. Spectrum Aeromed created a floor- and ceiling-mounted medical stand to fit the exact dimensions of the aircraft. It also featured a quick-release capability to accommodate versatility when the crew needs space instead.


Spectrum Aeromed is qualified to produce specialized life support solutions for air, ground and marine support applications. Spectrum Aeromed holds more than 60 STCs covering more than 400 models of aircraft.


Unprecedented speed and precision

Headquartered in Fargo, ND, Spectrum Aeromed has maintained a 90-95% on-time delivery record for the past 12 months from their 14,500-square-foot manufacturing facility. Standard equipment is turned around in 45 days or less. Collaboration begins with design concept, prototype development and critical design review and continues through certification, inspection and final delivery.


Spectrum Aeromed’s EMS integration process also includes on-site training for the users of the aircraft. “When we complete a project with on-site training, our customers are reassured that everything we design and install for them is going to work exactly that way they need it to and that everyone on their flight team will know how to use it properly,” says Matthew Christenson, VP, Account Executive for Spectrum Aeromed.


For more information, visit www.spectrum-aeromed.com.