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Heli-Expo 2012 Video - Photo - News

Posted 12 years 168 days ago ago by Admin

Are helicopters and pilots all there is to this industry? Of course I know the answer, but that was a question that was loosely on my mind as I was walking the show floor at Heli-Expo2012 in Dallas, TX.

Given that there were 620 vendors at Heli-Expo, but only 60 helicopters on the floor, the obvious answer is no. To me, it seems like when ever we (the media) cover events, we all get focused on the eye candy. Most cameras and attention are focused on the bright and shiny helicopters. As I walked around Heli-Expo, I decided to divert some of my attention towards the 100's of small and medium size companies who not only support the eye candy, but work really hard to scratch out a living doing it.

In our 4 Part Heli-Expo Video Blast Series, we take you on a visual tour of some of the show highlights. Rather than only show you skids, rotors, and the shiny side of the event, we opted to spend considerable time looking at the army of support companies who work just as hard as any helicopter operator. From mom & pops to medium size companies, there is an amazing variety of helicopter related businesses out there that often go relatively unnoticed. We want to show them some attention and we hope that you will take a few minutes and watch all four videos. You may just see a company out there that you have never heard of.


Lyn Burks
Editor In Chief, Rotorcraft Pro Media Network
[email protected]

VIDEO BLAST 1 (of 4)

VIDEO BLAST 2 (of 4)

VIDEO BLAST 3 (of 4)


BELL 525 RELENTLESS UNVEIL - Check out the Rotorcraft Pro Media Network highlight reel of the Bell Helicopter 525 R (Relentless) at Heli-Expo 2012 in Dallas, TX. Editors Note: this was perhaps one of the best aircraft unveilings we have seen in a while!

Bell525R Video

This is the video produced by Helicopter Association International and shown at the Salute to Excellence Awards Dinner. The Excellence in Communications Award was presented to Lyn Burks, Editor In Chief of Rotorcraft Pro Media Network, which includes Rotorcraft Pro Magazine, Justhelicopters.com, Justhelicopters.TV and VerticalReference.com.



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