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Green UAS: A New Standard for Drone Security

Posted 61 days ago ago by Admin

As a pilot, you’re responsible for knowing your equipment inside and out. You go through countless hours of training. You run through checklists before every flight. And you rely on industry standards and best practices to maintain peak performance.

Despite doing all that, do you know if your equipment is vulnerable to a cyberattack?

Major advances in flight systems, including uncrewed technology, exposed flight operations to new digital threat vectors. Industry standards, for the most part, didn’t keep up—leaving manufacturers and operators to address cybersecurity problems on a case-by-case basis.

The Department of Defense’s Defense Innovation Unit (DIU) created the Blue UAS program to vet commercial technology for use in a defense context, but Blue UAS doesn’t address commercial operations themselves.

Today, every commercial buyer must establish cybersecurity standards, find a UAS supplier willing to meet those standards, and then design their own strategy to test the technology’s real-world reliability. This approach is bad for everyone: it increases costs, decreases confidence, and limits the growth of the sector.

AUVSI created Green UAS to chart a new path for secure operations. It defines a rigorous and achievable cybersecurity standard to measure all UAS technology. It also fills a gap for manufacturers who do not require Department of Defense authority to operate but simply want to demonstrate their defensive capabilities.

We developed Green UAS in collaboration with 30+ industry leaders, Fortress Information Security, and the DIU to cover every critical risk and requirement. It organizes those requirements into four security frameworks: corporate cyber hygiene, product and device security, remote operations and connectivity, and supply chain management.

Green UAS certification proves that a UAS provider’s products comply with all four frameworks and, if required by the purchaser or desired by the manufacturer, meet the supply chain requirements mandated by Congress in the National Defense Authorization Act.

For the first time, you can know with confidence if your equipment is protected from cyber threats.

Green UAS is part of the broader AUVSI Trusted Cyber effort, which sets voluntary standards, regulations, and best practices to address cyber risks for all autonomous systems in the air, on land, and at sea.

By establishing a shared security foundation, we enable faster and safer growth in the uncrewed industry. Innovative companies can compete on a level playing field, and uncrewed customers and operators can take advantage of pre-vetted technology to transform their businesses while mitigating risk.

If you believe in this approach, we encourage you to share Green UAS with your colleagues and peers. Your work is too important to settle for piecemeal security standards. Instead, tell your suppliers that Green UAS is your new baseline requirement.

Learn more about Green UAS certification at www.auvsi.org/green-uas
Learn more about Trusted Cyber at www.auvsi.org/trusted-cyber

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