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Maintenance Minute - Equipping Yourself for Success with Customer Service

Posted 3 years 68 days ago ago by Admin

I recall starting the day with excitement, yet nervous anticipation as my civilian helicopter maintenance career began. As a young man, I didn't have a taller-than-me stacked toolbox filled with every possible combination of tools one can imagine. What I had was a two-drawer portable toolbox that was stocked with the bare minimum. When my new boss and future mentor saw this, he asked, “What are you going to do with those plow tools?” By his raw honesty, he certainly succeeded in his intent to change my perspective.  If I was going to be a professional aircraft mechanic, then I had to be equipped for the role.

Equipping is a daily process and tools take on many forms and combinations. I eventually learned that to be successful, I would have to master another set of essential tools—tools that are timeless and serve us so well. These are uncommon tools, but we must seek them continually. In previous writings we have checked the box and verified the tool of integrity, the tool of commitment and the tool of communication. Let’s delve deeper and examine the game-changing tool…the tool of customer service. In the well-known book The Purpose Driven Life by Rick Warren, the first four words of the book sum it all up:  “It's Not About You!” In fact, if we all lived by these four words it would change us, our families, our work, and frankly the world. When we look at life through this lens then everything changes because we are now serving others and not ourselves.  Simon Sinek says, “Our ‘why’ must be bigger than us.” Serving others is certainly an honorable ambition. When we first seek to serve our colleagues and associates, then it matters not if the pilot calls at 2:00 a.m. or on a weekend with a maintenance issue.

It's an honor and privilege to serve a customer no matter what time the call comes needing a part for an AOG aircraft. Serving is caring; caring for others and the needs of others will always enhance relationships and create a strong environment. Customers are defined as someone who purchases goods or services and someone you deal with. With that in mind, a customer is either paying or non-paying, which includes everyone in our circle of influence. To serve is not always a two-way street. When we utilize this tool, we do our best to serve with integrity even when this same spirit is not reciprocated by the other party. Every tool in our box has a specific purpose. It was designed for a purpose. It is driven by a purpose. When we use our essential tools then we become people of purpose. When we become people of purpose then we can live by first serving others and thereby make a positive difference in the world.