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Mecaer Aviation Group is MAGnificent

Posted 6 years 73 days ago ago by Admin

Do helicopters come to mind when you think of Italian style, design, and luxury? Maybe not, but Mecaer Aviation Group (MAG) is changing that.

The company headquartered in Monteprandone, Italy, with facilities across the U.S., the U.K., Italy, Canada, and Russia, offers integrated systems for helicopters, general aviation, and business aircraft. Basic trainer systems are also offered for flight control, landing gear, and actuation systems. In addition, the certified company performs completions and modifications, as well as maintenance, repair, and overhaul (MRO) services. MAG owns over 60 supplemental type certificates (STCs), and has the ability to write their own STCs under FAA and EASA regulations.

MAGnificent Interior

MAG also enhances passenger flight experiences through interior design development, noise and vibration abatement, sound-proofing, entertainment, and communication systems. They work with Airbus Helicopters, Leonardo, and now with Bell Helicopter to showcase the VVIP “MAGnificent Interior.” This interior, manufactured at MAG headquarters, is the epitome of Italian style that’s long been exemplified in the auto industry by such iconic brands as Ferrari and Maserati. MAG is now bringing that tradition to helicopters. “Each creation flows from our creativity, artistry, master craftsmanship, and knowledge of precious materials embedded in the Italian manufacturing process. We are strong in this tradition,” says Armando Sassoli, MAG co-general manager.

The style and technology that goes into MAG’s cabin interiors are designed for maximum comfort and control by passengers. Furthermore, weight, sound, and vibrations are also reduced. “We just keep it quieter and lighter,” says Grayson Barrow, MAG’s director of sales and marketing for cabin comfort systems.


An example of this quieter approach is MAG’s SILENS noise-cancelling system that reduces cabin noise to a level that allows passengers to talk to one another without headsets. The proprietary system features:

* Minimum cabin noise and vibration levels
* Minimum impact on cabin dimensions
* Reduced time for installation and removal
* Ease of access for maintenance
* No weight increase


SILENS dramatically reduces the cabin decibel level to the 77-76 dB range, and expects to have this down to the 71-69 dB range in the near future. MAG ensures they meet their own standards by measuring every aircraft for quietness before delivery.


From better pilot and passenger communication environments, to numerous lighting color choices, to electrochromic “smart” windows that change from clear to opaque, MAG has thought of everything. There’s even a limousine-style window that allows for privacy, and a full screen that gives passengers a place to polish their Powerpoint presentations—or to just watch a movie.

MAG allows passengers to further control their environment through its In-Flight Entertainment Enhanced Lounge (I-FEEL). The fully customized and interactive touch-screen entertainment and cabin management system, among other cabin functions, controls audio and video systems, and allows full pairing of passengers’ devices with the aircraft’s own Wi-FI systems. “Our goal at Mecaer is to enhance the passenger’s in-flight experience,” says Sassoli.  

The proprietary in-flight entertainment and cabin management system can be tailored to any customer requirement, as MAG designs software, system architecture, functions, and graphic interfaces in-house. The focus is to first understand customer needs, and then fulfill them. To facilitate the decision process, MAG develops renderings and 3-D videos to depict how the aircraft cabin will appear. The technically sound concepts are designed to make the interior both flexible and functional, while still keeping everything optimized for production.

Customers can choose from a variety of materials and seating configurations for their MAGnificent Interior, which also has multiple storage consoles and trim options that create functional, graceful sophistication. The customer-driven design process places safety, performance, and affordability at the forefront, blending proven systems with advanced technology in a sleek, modern design. Furthermore, a Garmin G1000H integrated all-glass avionics suite provides pilots with critical flight information at a glance to maximize situational awareness.

In summary, MAG allows customers to have their own unique needs and tastes met through numerous customized options and configurations in true Italian style.
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