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Garmin now offering navigation database, avionics solution to European customers

Garmin is expanding its coverage of the Garmin Navigation Database to include Europe. The big announcement Monday shared that customers in Europe now have the option to incorporate the latest in aviation navigation information with their Garmin avionics. The navigation database was previously only available to owners and operators in the Americas. This database is offered for a variety of Garmin aviation products including the integrated flight decks, navigators, flight displays and portables. The launch of the Garmin Navigation Database for European owners and operators will introduce a new and cost-effective way to buy database updates. This includes single updates, annual bundle options and OnePak subscriptions for all of the compatible avionics on the aircraft. "The expansion of the Garmin Navigation Database to include European data has been a multi-year goal of ours, and we are thrilled to now offer European customers an all-Garmin database solution for their Garmin avionics systems," said Carl Wolf, Garmin VP of aviation sales and marketing. "Our experienced global team is dedicated to providing aviators with the highest quality data, so our customers can fly with robust, yet cost-effective database solutions—all backed by Garmin's award-winning support team." The European Garmin Navigation Database will provide foundational information necessary for precise GPS navigation throughout the departure, en route, arrival and approach phases. Coverage is available in more than 35 countries and over 3,400 airports, including en route and airspace data, instrument procedures, frequencies and airport information. Customers can choose from multiple flexible purchase options, ranging from the purchase of a single product or updating a subscription to fully comprehensive aircraft bundled subscriptions. Now, European customers have access to single device bundles and OnePak annual subscriptions, offering a simple and cost-effective option to update navigation data and other databases including terrain, obstacles, airport directory, SafeTaxi and FliteCharts. Bundles and OnePak annual subscriptions Along with navigation data, pilots can rely on other critical databases on the Garmin avionics. The Garmin Navigation Database can help pilots keep their avionics databases updated. The database is offered, along with other databases, with a simple annual subscription. Device bundles are a convenient way to provide an option for pilots to update compatible databases with a single Garmin navigator, flight display or portable. Along with the database, device bundles include other compatible databases like obstacles and terrain, which offers customers a more cost-effective solution to update devices with the most current information available. Pilots in aircraft equipped with a Garmin integrated flight deck or with numerous Garmin avionics systems can use the new Europe OnePak subscription, offering savings by supporting all compatible Garmin avionics in a single aircraft. OnePark subscriptions have one annual price, but can combine the Garmin Navigation Database with other essential databases for all compatible avionics on an aircraft, as well as other eligible Garmin portable devices. Europe's annual device bundles are beginning at €544.00 for GNS and €686.00 for GTN series navigators. OnePak subscriptions for Europe start at €1086.50 and are also available with FliteCharts terminal procedure charts for €1373.00. Pricing includes VAT and is subject to change. European owners and operators only wishing to update the navigation database still have access to the Garmin offering. Customers can choose a single month update or an annual subscription. Standalone annual subscriptions of the Garmin Navigation Database for Europe start at €342.50 for GTN or GNS series navigators. Single-month purchase options start at €113.50. A new way to update The database updates for Garmin avionics or portables can be purchased online. Once bought, the device updates are simple and quick with the Garmin Aviation Database Manager. With the easy-to-use database manager application on your computer managing all database updates, have your next subscription update automatically downloaded so your databases are ready to go and can be installed without waiting for a download. The app will keep track of current and future updates with a calendar view to indicate when a new cycle will be available, as well as a reminder of what cycle is currently installed. Many updates can be directly transferred to a device or data card. GNS series navigators will require a Garmin USB to facilitate the transfer. Once the databases are loaded, insert the card into the navigator and fly with current data. Garmin's Database Concierge and PlaneSync connected to the aircraft management system can further simplify database updates. Database Concierge allows pilots to download updates to the Garmin Pilot app and wirelessly transfer to their compatible avionics with a compatible mobile device. The PlaneSync-connected aircraft management system will also provide automatic database updates to any compatible avionics over 4G LTE or Wi-Fi with Garmin's GDL 60 datalink. The Garmin Navigation Database is available now.
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