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These 5 US events saw private jet traffic soar in 2023

Air traffic in Qatar skyrocketed by 77% in November 2022 when the nation hosted the FIFA World Cup for the first time in history. Such a massive rise in air traffic is also observed when other sporting events, such as the Olympic Games, take place. Even events that are a juncture of science, politics and the environment, such as COP 24, also lead to a growth in air traffic. Any country's holiday season also brings about a surge in domestic and international air travel.The United States is a melting pot of cultures — it hosts some of the major scientific events, sporting bonanzas and cultural shows that bring about a bustle of air traffic. But which events led to the soaring jet traffic in 2023? Let's take a look at five of them. 5. Las Vegas Grand Prix Alluring motor enthusiasts and celebrities alike, the Las Vegas Grand Prix, part of the F1 World Championship, provided a big win for private aviation. Stars like Rihanna, Gordon Ramsay and David Beckham attended. In addition, thousands of other spectators enlivened the Vegas Strip with cheers for their racers. This event, hosted in November 2023, increased jet air traffic by 5.8 times compared to the local daily average of flights. In the four days leading up to the event, more than 1,200 business arrivals were tracked into the city. The arrival of so many flights soon filled up all the ramps and FBOs, forcing latecomers to perform drop-and-goes in the city's three main airports. 4. President's Day Skiing As a tribute to George Washington, the first president of the USA, President's Day is celebrated on the third Monday of February. The day commemorates the contributions of Washington (and those after him) during their tenures in the White House. A federal holiday like President's Day skiing fell right after a weekend leave during the winter, beckoning a vacation. And it was celebrated in a state known for some of the more extravagant skiing destinations - Colorado. Colorado is regarded as one of the best states for skiing, with many famous ski areas such as Aspen and resorts like Purgatory Resort. These make Colorado a go-to place for sumptuous vacations and such holidays. It comes as no surprise that towns like Aspen and Eagle feature in the list of the most expensive routes in the US. Nonetheless, the President's Day Skiing spiked jet air traffic in Montrose, Colorado, as much as 6.9 times. 3. Ohio State at Notre Dame The Ohio State at Notre Dame football game, contested fiercely as the Buckeyes took on the Fighting Irish, made it to the third position on the list of US events that witnessed private jet traffic soar in 2023. This football event hosted in South Bend has a history of inviting air traffic into the city. The game and surrounding weekend, which started on Sept. 22 and lasted three days, helped bring about an 11-fold increase in private air traffic. The Buckeyes' victory over the Fighting Irish held a high-net-worth audience while keeping the spectators on their toes. 2. Kentucky Derby On the first Saturday in May 2023, the Kentucky Derby hosted its 149th edition of the Derby. Open to the top 20 three-year-old thoroughbreds, the premier horse race stirred interest among the equine-sport-loving community. A racehorse named Mage was the grand winner of this derby, the prize at $3 million. The Churchill Downs racetrack witnessed such a high-profile audience since its inception in 1835. This spectacle of the Kentucky Derby in 2023 soared private jet traffic by 13.0 times in Louisville. More than 900 private jets landed in the weekend corresponding to the event, which was 8.5% of the total annual flights in the region. 1. Master's Tournament in Augusta The Master's Tournament is a golf championship that observed its 87th game from April 6 to April 9. Hosted by the Augusta National Golf Club, this tournament was the top event influencing the private air traffic of the US in 2023. More than a seventeen-fold increase in jet air traffic was observed. High-profile audiences from across and beyond the nation flew their private jets to Georgia to participate in the first of the men's four major golf championships. Reports showed a 41% change in flight activity compared to the same week in 2022.
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