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Pilot of scaled B-29 replica failed to maintain directional control before striking golf cart, NTSB says

The NTSB final report found that the pilot of a scaled B-29 replica failed to maintain directional control during the landing roll, resulting in the plane departing the runway surface and striking a golf cart parked nearby, sending the spectator videoing the incident to the hospital with minor injuries.RELATED STORY:Scaled B-29 replica hits golf cart upon landing, injuring 1 On Nov. 5, 2023 Raymond T. Hodgson flew his experimental 35 percent scale B-29 model at the Glenndale Airport (8I3). Hodgson reported that the plane's nose landing gear encountered a depression on the runway during the landing roll. The B-29 replica yawed to the left and departed the runway, striking a golf cart parked on the edge of the runway with a spectator sitting on it. The plane struck the art, causing it to roll over and knocking the woman unconscious. She was transported to a local hospital and reported minor injuries. Both of the plane's wings were substantially damaged in the incident. The pilot did not report any pre-accident mechanical failures or malfunctions that would have precluded normal operation. The NTSB noted in its final report that the probable cause was the pilot's failure to maintain directional control during the landing roll.Damage to B-29 replica wings after striking golf cart Hodgson has built most of the parts on his replica B-29. The replica is equipped with four Honda Fit engines and boasts an impressive size, even at 35 percent of the original B-29 warbird. At 35 percent, the plane is about 35 feet long and has a wingspan of nearly 50 feet. The real B-29 Superfortress is about 99 feet with a wingspan of 141 feet.
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