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2023 Holiday “12 Days of Drones” Safety Campaign

Attention DronePros!

The FAA Safety Team DronePros are essential to the FAA’s drone safety outreach. As a DronePro, you enable the wide dissemination of important drone-safety information and resources that will help future pilots stay up to date with the latest rules.

FAA Safety Team is requesting your assistance with the 2023 Holiday “12 Days of Drones” Safety Campaign to the drone community. All of the campaign’s safety messages will be posted on the FAA’s DroneZone Twitter and Facebook accounts throughout this month.


Please assist us by promoting the new video reminding everyone of the rules and regulations that drone pilots must follow, and by sharing the safety messages posted on the FAA’s DroneZone Twitter and Facebook accounts.


The campaign will run each weekday from December 7 – 22 with each day dedicated to a specific drone safety topic.

•           Day 1 (12/7): The Recreational UAS Safety Test (TRUST)

•           Day 2 (12/8): Register and mark your drone

•           Day 3 (12/11): Remote ID

•           Day 4 (12/12): Become a certificated remote pilot

•           Day 5 (12/13): Where can I fly

•           Day 6 (12/14): Airspace authorizations -- LAANC

•           Day 7 (12/15): “Weather” or not to fly

•           Day 8 (12/18): Flying at night

•           Day 9 (12/19): Drones for everyone

•           Day 10 (12/20): Flying over people

•           Day 11 (12/21): Drones and careers

•           Day 12 (12/22): Drones for good


Drone safety resources for DronePros can be found in the DronePro Toolkit on FAASafety.gov, in the Resources tab.

For more information, DronePros should contact their local FAA Safety Team Program Manager.

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