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Mechanical Specialties MD 600N HEC Hook

Tags Specialty Products

Mechanical Specialties_HEC.jpg 

Mechanical Specialties’ Human External Cargo (HEC) hook has now been approved for the MD 600N Helicopter. This hook has a 714 lb HEC capacity (2,134 lb non-HEC capacity), and is a redundant hook system that is easy to install in one day and includes a cockpit indicator for the 2nd hook.  The HEC hook is durable, dependable, affordable, and a must have for MD Helicopters. Our hooks are manufactured on site at our Olympia, WA facility and comes with a 13 month warranty/5 year overhaul. Contact Mechanical Specialties to order at 360-754-7200 or email [email protected].

Customer Quote:

“We are very excited to be the Launch customer for the Mechanical Specialties MD 600 HEC Cargo Hook System. After evaluating the existing HEC solutions on the market, we approached Mechanical Specialties about certifying their 369D/E/FF HEC system for the 600N. Relative to the other available systems, the Mechanical Specialties HEC system features fast installation and removal, minimal airframe alterations, and has no adverse CG issues. It is just another great cargo hook product. Mechanical Specialties is responsive and their customer support has proven time and time again that they are second to none. Thanks for being there for us!”
~John Stonecipher, CEO Helius Inc.

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