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Airbus Helicopters

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Airbus Helicopters, Inc. manufactures, markets, sells, assembles, supports and provides training solutions for Airbus Helicopters rotorcraft in the United States. Since beginning operations in 1969, it has grown to become a leading provider of helicopters for U.S. civilian, parapublic and military markets.

Today, more than 1,800 Airbus Helicopters rotary-wing aircraft are flown by approximately 600 U.S. operators – including corporate and business customers, hospitals and emergency medical services, tourism operators, law enforcement agencies, the U.S. Army, the U.S. Coast Guard, Customs and Border Patrol and the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI).

Airbus Helicopters, Inc. employs more than 900 individuals at its Grand Prairie, Texas and Columbus, Mississippi facilities, as well as at the company’s growing network of regional support centers around the country.  It is the U.S. affiliate of Airbus Helicopters – the world’s largest helicopter manufacturer – and a subsidiary of Airbus Group, Inc., the North American operations of the Airbus Group, which is the world’s second largest aerospace and defense company.

As a market leader, Airbus Helicopters, Inc. has consistently maintained a 55 percent share of helicopter sales to the U.S. law enforcement sector, supplying more than 50 law enforcement agencies from coast-to-coast.  It also is the predominant supplier for tour, corporate and air medical services operators in the U.S., with users selecting Airbus Helicopters rotorcraft due to their large cabins, speed and excellent reliability.

The company’s government sector presence has grown significantly in recent years, building on decades of proven service – with aircraft now operating with some 75 agencies nationwide, including major federal operators such as the FBI, the Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) and the Department of Justice (DOJ). The U.S. Coast Guard’s inventory of approximately 100 HH-65 Dolphin search & rescue and homeland security helicopters has been updated to the latest HH-65C standard with more powerful engines and system upgrades.  The U.S. Army is now also operating the multi-role UH-72A Lakota – a variant of the Airbus Helicopters EC145 – from bases across the U.S.

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