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VOLO Mission

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Volo Mission is an exclusive vertical reference and long line training company.

It was developed to provide comprehensive training covering all aspects of the external-load industry. Training ranges from skill set development of the pilot, to ground crew training, human factors associated with external-load operations, line care and maintenance, as well as many other topics pertaining to the industry as a whole.


The external-load industry is one with high demands and workload not only for the pilot, but also for all other members of the crew as well as the machine. Volo Mission is dedicated to going above and beyond to ensure pilots and ground crews receive the best training possible.


While pilots may have extensive flight experience, many need a more enhanced skillset for external-load operations. We understand what a lack of proper long line and vertical reference training can cost you therefore, we are on our own mission to prepare pilots and ground crews so that they can execute their job with success.

Leading the mission

Leading this mission to success are Founders, Andre and Kimberly Hutchings. By combining Andre’s extensive long-line and vertical reference experience with Kim’s degrees in Psychology and Aviation Human Factors and Safety Systems, together they have created a course to cover all aspects of vertical reference and long line training.

Aside from innovative training approaches, expert knowledge, and highly skilled professional instructors, Volo Mission represents long line pilots, ground crews, and companies from around the world preparing for their best, most successful missions through expert training.

Training with Volo Mission can be invaluable to the safety and success of your external-load operations!

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