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Operations Control Specialist - Denton, TX

Created 83 days ago

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The Operational Control Specialist (OCS) shall maximize joint mission responsibility by delivering real-time comprehensive aviation support services to duty pilots. The OCS shall monitor and assist duty pilots with aviation decision making as it relates to risk, safety and compliance with published standards. The OCS provides support in making safe and efficient decisions, serving as advisor and counselor to pilots as needed. The scope of the work includes the ability to use previous experience to think ahead and anticipate mission needs, to leverage technology to provide rapid and effective information and to be proactive in managing risk. The OCS exercises operational control over company resources as required for the safe and efficient mission execution.

The OCS must be an experienced aviator with a comprehensive knowledge of air EMS helicopter operations, the Med-Trans General Operations Manual, and FAA regulations. The OCS must be able to interpret aviation weather information to provide sound advice and updates to duty pilots.

Essential Duties and Responsibilities

Under the general guidance and direction of the Director of Operations, the OCS shall perform the following:


  • Directs resources as required to promote safe and efficient operations.
  • Maintains a working knowledge of Med-Trans flying areas.
  • Review pilots risk assessment worksheet to ensure elevated risks are addressed.
  • Communicates with the appropriate communications center or pilots regarding known and perceived risks related to each mission.
  • Obtains and disseminates information to duty pilots as it pertains to routes, facilities, NOTAMS, Navaids, TFRs and company policies.
  • Monitors and interprets multiple weather resources on an ongoing basis, to include all elements of a standard weather briefing.
  • Serves as a resource for pilots with regard to weather interpretation and updates.
  • Utilizes OCC computer based software in support of flight following.
  • Communicates directly with Communication Specialists regarding mission readiness and status.
  • Assists the Communication Specialists as needed during emergency events.
  • Provides strong problem-solving skills.
  • Effectively utilizes proper air medical resource management and aviation decision making principles and concept
  • Ability to perform all pilot tasking to be used as an additional resource for assigned pilot group, to include but not limited to:
    • Supports the PIC with respect to operational control elements that include the initiation, conduct of flight and/or termination of flight.
    • Provide support for flight planning to include fuel planning.
    • Weather dissemination.


  • Makes all appropriate notifiations to the DO regarding all internal and external reportable events.
  • Contributes to the continuous learning of pilots and communications staff.
  • Assists the Director of Operations with the execution of company policies, establishing operations, personnel and equipment standards, and for recommending appropriate modification, deletion or development of policies as appropriate.
    • Demonstrates working knowledge of the contents of the, Operations Manual, Operations Specifications, Minimum Equipment Lists, Policies and Procedures and all Federal Aviation Regulations pertaining to the Company Operations.
  • Maintains current reference material as required.

Quality Management

  • Participates in the ongoing development, implementation and evaluation of policies and a quality management program designed to measure and ensure that Med-Trans is appropriately responsive to its customer’s needs, the cost-effectiveness of the service and program safety.
  • Produces periodic reports as needed to document and support the effectiveness of the quality management program.
  • Compiles, analyzes, and disseminates information about the effectiveness of operational control, and service issues.
  • Supports comprehensive service and quality standards.