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NTSB Final Report: Tuckers Crossing, MS

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The pilot departed for the first flight of the day to begin aerial tree trimming operations along a transmission line. The mission’s ground support specialist (GSS), who was in communication with the pilot via radio, observed the helicopter approach the trimming zone from the south then fly northbound to the east of the transmission line; the helicopter was equipped with an external saw assembly that was about 120 ft in length and about 40 to 50 ft above the trees. The GSS and the pilot discussed hazards located in the trimming zone. Shortly thereafter, the pilot announced over the radio that he would be making an emergency landing. The GSS reported that he did not see any smoke or hear “odd noises” coming from the helicopter and that “the helicopter made a quick forward descent until the saw disappeared into the east tree line.” The helicopter subsequently impacted trees and terrain, and a postimpact fire ensued.

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