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Helicopter Flight Training Sponsors



Spectrum Aeromed

When it comes to life support solutions, Spectrum Aeromed goes above and beyond. We are recognized worldwide as one of the leading manufacturers of air ambulance equipment for all types of fixed wing and rotor wing aircraft. [Read More...]

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The idea for Spidertracks took root in 2005, when a high-profile New Zealander crashed his helicopter near West Coast of the North Island. The resulting search and rescue effort took two full weeks, and came at a huge financial and emotional toll for his loved ones. ‍ National media coverage of this incident, caught the attention of a few creative and curious minds in Manawatu (New Zealand). They were baffled - surely there must be a better and more affordable way to locate downed aircraft! Perplexed by the lack of a reliable and affordable solution, the team got to work in Pohangina Valley, and the idea for Spidertracks was born. [Read More...]

VOLO Mission

Volo Mission is an exclusive vertical reference and long line training company. It was developed to provide comprehensive training covering all aspects of the external-load industry. Training ranges from skill set development of the pilot, to ground crew training, human factors associated with external-load operations, line care and maintenance, as well as many other topics pertaining to the industry as a whole. [Read More...]

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X Insurance

XINSURANCE provides coverage that protects pilots from personal and professional liability. We’ll help you to identify the specific activities you engage in that could be exposing you to legal risk.Then, we’ll tailor an XINSURANCE policy that covers those vulnerabilities–at a surprisingly low cost. [Read More...]

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