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Failure to Understand IFR Primary vs Alternate Airport Criteria for Helicopters

In this video, Randy Rowles discusses a common FAA Helicopter Instrument Rating exam weakness identified within many applicants during the Ground portion of the Practical Test. The ability to correctly recite 14 CFR 91.167 and 91.169 must be matched with an equal ability to accurately apply that information to actual IFR planning scenarios. By Randy Rowles from Helicopter Institute READ FULL BLOG POST: https://justhelicopters.com/Blogs/Article/154783/Rote-Knowledge-vs-Correlative-Evaluation-Applying-What-You-Know Visit Helicopter Institute's website for more information Website: www.helicopterinstitute.com YouTube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCt4yZWOlN3j7xF_39hSYz7g