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Articles for tag Flight Simulator


HMotion soon in possession of Two H145 VR Flight Simulators from Loft Dynamics

Posted by Admin

ANAHEIM, California, February 28, 2024 — Loft Dynamics is announcing a partnership with HMotion — a joint venture between Airbus Helicopters and ADAC HEMS Academy — through the delivery of two Airbus H145 VR flight simulation training devices (FSTDs), which will be installed at a new simulator center in Oberpfaffenhofen, Germany. This modern training center will offer a wide range of cost-effective training courses for helicopter personnel, including the highest-quality mission and critical flight training available, enabled by Loft Dynamics’ cutting-edge technology.

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Coulson Aviation Procures World’s Only CH-47D Level D Full Flight Simulator and a UH-60A/L Level D Simulator

Posted by Admin

Thermal, California – October 24, 2023: Coulson Aviation, a world leader in aerial firefighting, has significantly increased its training capabilities via the procurement of two Level D full flight simulators – the world’s only CH-47D simulator and one of two existing UH-60A and L simulators – from CAE in Arlington, Texas. The simulators, which are night vision goggle (NVG) compatible and currently undergoing significant upgrades, will be located in a new simulator facility at Coulson’s Thermal, California base.

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