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Mayman Aerospace and Savback Helicopters Ink Deal for 300 Speeder High-Speed VTOL Air Utility Vehicle

Mayman Aerospace, US-based manufacturer of the Speeder Air Utility Vehicle (AUV), and Savback Helicopters, the independent helicopter and fixed-wing sales specialist, proudly announce the signing of a Letter of Intent (LOI) for the procurement of 300 AI-ready Speeder P100 aircraft. Building upon a 2022 LOI for 25 Speeders, this strategic agreement focuses on the latest attritable P100 model, marking a significant leap forward in their partnership.

Mayman Aerospace is strategically adapting the Speeder family of Air Utility Vehicles to seamlessly integrate with a wide range of battlefield management systems. The P100 model will be equipped for autonomous operation in a networked battlespace, achieve speeds approaching Mach 0.75, and carry a payload of 100lb. The Speeder family of VTOL aircraft will expand to include P400 (400lb payload) and P1000 (1000lb payload) variants.

With a value exceeding US$120 million, the LOI outlines Savback Helicopters’ plan to begin receiving its initial Speeders around Q4 2025, with deliveries continuing through Q2 2027. Recognizing Speeder’s exceptional maneuverability, high-speed capabilities, and substantial payload capacity, Michael Savback, Chairman of Savback Helicopters, said: “Speeder is an outstandingly versatile machine, and we are proud to announce this expanded agreement with Mayman Aerospace. With its advanced VTOL technology, we are confident that Speeder will meet European defense operators’ complex mission requirements.”

This agreement further solidifies the existing collaboration between the two innovative companies. Savback Helicopters was appointed as the exclusive marketing and sales representative for the Speeder in the Nordic countries in June 2022, and this expanded LOI reflects its growing confidence in the aircraft.

Mayman Aerospace’s CEO and founder, David Mayman comments on Speeder AUV platform’s potential in defense applications: “This LOI with Savback Helicopters demonstrates the Speeder AUV platform’s real-world military market demand. We are delivering an aircraft ready for integration into the next-generation AI-managed battlefield. The Speeder system delivers essential value for defense applications through its ease of deployment, reduced operational cost and extensive capabilities. We are excited to be working under contract with the US Department of Defense to further develop and certify the Speeder range of aircraft and anticipate high-speed Speeder P100 testing in Q3 2024.”

The jet-powered Speeder, based on scalable technology, takes off and lands vertically, and is capable of moving heavy payloads at very high speeds. It is fully reusable and outpaces electric drones and eVTOLs while being faster, more compact, and more cost-effective than traditional helicopters.

About Mayman Aerospace

Mayman Aerospace, leveraging proprietary engine thrust vectoring and control technology, created Speeder, a multi-mission, turbine-powered VTOL platform designed for military, critical cargo, firefighting, and disaster response missions. Compact in size for easy transport and swift preparation, Speeder stands mission ready, even in challenging conditions. Its unique engine configuration enables the movement of heavy payloads within a reduced footprint, eliminating the need for complex transmission systems. Mayman Aerospace is at the forefront of autonomous high-speed VTOL development for defense, emergency, and special-purpose aviation.

For more information, visit www.MaymanAerospace.com

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