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Strategic Collaboration Takes Flight: Aerometals and AAL Group Ltd Forge Services Agreement

Sharjah, UAE, April 24, 2024: Aerometals and AAL Group Ltd have come to a service agreement that appoints AAL as an exclusive provider of Product and Installation Services in the surrounding Middle East Territory for the Aerometals MI-17 Inlet Barrier Filters (IBF). The partnership between AAL Group Ltd and Aerometals presents a significant opportunity amidst current challenges, particularly concerning the protection of MI-17 engines. As the repair and overhaul of MI-17 engines is one of the most cost-and time-consuming maintenance activities on the aircraft which may significantly disrupt its operations and mission-readiness, securing access to essential engine components is crucial, and protecting in service engines is even more important. This collaboration ensures reliable support for safeguarding engines during this time. The mutual goal is to maintain operational readiness of the aircraft and minimize downtime while waiting for parts. Additionally, the Aerometals Inlet Barrier Filter (IBF) will replace the legacy particle separator, offering a superior solution for engine protection.

Crafted utilizing cutting-edge computer airflow modeling and three-dimensional CAD technology, Aerometals IBF introduces a paradigm of innovation and efficiency in safeguarding critical engine components. Beyond shielding engines from FOD damage and effectively filtering particulates and salt nuclei, this system also mitigates thermal impact spikes. Distinguishing features of this novel design, compared to less efficient existing systems, include a substantial weight reduction of approximately 40 pounds and minimal impact on aircraft performance. If you have interest in this product, contact the Aerometals sales team at [email protected].

About Aerometals

Aerometals Inc., a 40-year veteran in aerospace manufacturing, offers AS9100 Rev D rated services including CNC machining, sheet metal fabrication, and assembly. With 300+ FAA PMAs and STCs, including Inlet Barrier Filters, Aerometals specializes in critical-application components for fixed-wing aircraft and helicopters. Situated in El Dorado Hills, California, our 150,000 sq ft facility houses over 160 skilled professionals. We provide comprehensive aerospace solutions, from PMA parts to engineering support and obsolescence recovery. To learn more, visit our website at www.aerometals.aero, or follow us on LinkedIn.

About AAL Group Ltd

AAL Group Ltd, founded in 2000 in the UAE, is a globally recognized aviation maintenance organization committed to enhancing safety and efficiency. With a focus on ethical practices and compliance, AAL offers comprehensive helicopter services for Mi-17/Mi-171 models, including maintenance, repairs, overhauls, and personnel training. To learn more about AAL Group Ltd, visit us at www.aal-group.com, or follow us on LinkedIn.

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