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Kilroy Aviation Granted FAA STC-ODA

(SALISBURY, MD) Kilroy Aviation, LLC. announced today that the company received approval from the Federal Aviation Association (FAA) for its Organization Designation Authorization (ODA). 

The ODA grants organizational FAA Approval authority to Kilroy Aviation, enabling  the issuance of fixed-wing and rotorcraft Supplemental Type Certificates (STC) on behalf of the FAA. In addition to new STCs, Kilroy Aviation facilitates PMAs, TSOs, FAA Inspections, Major Repair and Alteration services, and other aviation-related consulting for compliance to regulations.

"This designation will allow our company to serve clientele with reasonably priced, expedient services,” said Kilroy Aviation CEO Mike Borfitz. "Within our team, Kilroy shares more than 80 years of experience navigating the rigors of engineering for compliance to the regulations, through testing and qualification to obtain STCs. The ODA allows our team to expedite the STC qualification and approval process. We help companies avoid pitfalls, regulatory roadblocks, and issues that may cause delays.” 

Kilroy Aviation’s team brings a wealth of knowledge and experience in the commercial aviation industry. Significant Kilroy projects include STC modifications of OEM aircraft produced by manufacturers such as Boeing, Airbus, Beechcraft, Bell Helicopter, Airbus Helicopter, Gulfstream, Dassault Falcon, Bombardier, Sikorsky, etc.

Vietnam Veteran Borfitz is an ODA Administrator and Management Designated Engineering Representative (DER) with FAA-delegated authority to approve data in the technical disciplines of Flight Test and Powerplant, Parts 23 and 25. His 44 years of engineering experience includes 23 years of public service with the FAA and 13 years with the Boeing Company, plus a wide variety of private experience as a contract DER and regulatory & safety consultant. Borfitz has written a variety of articles on subjects such as FAA certification of unmanned aerial systems (drones), FAA safety, certification, and delegation. Also, Borfitz is co-chair of the American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics (AIAA) Certification Task Force, chartered to align efforts across AIAA to support industry members and drive progress towards certification that meets the emerging next-generation needs of the aerospace industry.

Erich Hopkins serves as the Vice President of Operations and Certification Control. He has over four decades of experience in electronics packaging and installation of avionics equipment, complex aviation components, fabrication, and qualification. For over 20 years, Erich also serves the FAA as a Designated Engineering Representative for Management and Electrical Systems and Equipment. He acts as an agent on the client's behalf as a representative of the client to the Lead ODA Administrator. 

Nick Olmsted serves as the company's Lead ODA Administrator. He is a 1985 graduate of the US Naval Academy. Since retiring from the Navy, he has accumulated 20 years of experience completing more than two hundred Type Certification (TC/ STC/ TSO) projects on a broad range of aircraft, helicopters, and unmanned aircraft systems. He has held key accountable positions to plan, manage and complete aircraft projects, Olmsted has served both on the Applicant side (Development, Engineering, Certification) and the FAA Designee side (Electrical Systems and Equipment DER, Unit Member, and ODA Administrator). Olmsted has served as the current industry co-chair of the FAA & Industry Guide to Product Certification (CPG) implementation team, fostering better practices in aviation certification. This working group, with participation by FAA Certification Branches (old ACO) and Certificate Management Branches (old MIDO), Managers, representatives from GAMA, AIA, and AEA, and other ODA Administrators from leading US aviation companies, is charged with promoting best practices and continuously improving guidance for aircraft regulatory compliance.

"Kilroy Aviation has operated for more than five years now, working closely with the FAA New York ECB to demonstrate our integrity and competence," said Hopkins. Mike Borfitz adds, "We conduct our work with the utmost performance and integrity. We will continue adding the best engineers and inspectors to ensure the best performance while holding to our safety mission. FAA issuance of the Kilroy ODA empowers our commitment to continually provide value and expertise to our customers."


Kilroy Aviation was formed in 2018 to provide FAA-quality type design and regulatory compliance services to the aviation industry. Safety drives core philosophy first and foremost because of the real consequences of subordinating safety to schedule or costs. Kilroy Aviation developed its own Safety Management System (KaSMS) that continually promotes the FAA-mandated Safety Management System (SMS) tools, methods, and culture. KaSMS guarantees systematic safety processes that efficiently ensure approvals during the aircraft's service life are obtainable, manageable, value-added, and cost-effective. These methodologies and processes keep clients' products first in the industry. Kilroy Aviation maintains the spirit of a robust Safety System by fostering the people most responsible for safe certification, maintenance, and flight operations. 

Since 2016, Kilroy has actively engaged with several start-up Advanced Air Mobility (AAM) companies, most of whom have never interacted with the FAA for type or production certification. Kilroy’s dual role includes facilitating the applicant-FAA relationships while mentoring their clients in the intricacies of regulatory compliance and certification.

For more information, visit https://www.kilroy.faaoda.com.

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