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Checklist for pilots moving out of state

Moving out of state as a pilot involves unique considerations, especially if you own or operate an aircraft. Here's a checklist to help you plan and organize your move.Before the move, research New Aviation Regulations. Familiarize yourself with the aviation regulations and requirements in the state you are moving to. This includes state-specific rules, licensing, and any additional certifications needed.Check on aviation regulations and requirementsUpdate Pilot Certificates and Licenses Ensure your pilot certificates and licenses are up to date. If there are any state-specific requirements, address them before the move. Notify Aviation Authorities Inform relevant aviation authorities about your change of address, including the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) and any state aviation agencies. Contact Aircraft Insurance Provider Update your aircraft insurance provider with your new address and ensure your coverage is valid in the new state. Logistics and Planning when making the move:Plan Aircraft Transport If you own an aircraft, plan the logistics of transporting it to the new location. Consider hiring a reputable aircraft transportation service if driving is not feasible. Check Hangar Availability Confirm hangar availability at your new location. Research local airports for hangar space, and make reservations if necessary. Update Aircraft Registration Update the registration of your aircraft with the appropriate authorities in the new state. Moving Personal Belongings Research moving companies before you pack up. If you're moving household items, research and hire a reputable moving company. Ensure they have experience with handling fragile and valuable items.Pack Important Documents Safely pack and carry important aviation documents, including licenses, logbooks, and medical certificates, with you during the move. Setting Up in the New State: Register Vehicles If you're driving to your new location, register your vehicles in the new state and obtain new driver's licenses if required. Establish Residency Take steps to establish residency in the new state, as this may be necessary for various purposes, including tax considerations. Local Aviation Community Connect with the local aviation community. Attend local pilot meetings, join aviation clubs, and get to know other pilots in the area. Update Contact Information Update your contact information with aviation organizations, flying clubs, and any other relevant entities. Familiarize Yourself with Local Airports Get to know the airports in your new area, including their facilities, services, and any unique features. Safety and Security: Secure Valuables Ensure the security of your aircraft and personal belongings during the move. Notify AuthoritiesInform local authorities about your arrival and any security measures you are taking, especially if you own or operate a private aircraft. Miscellaneous: Change of Address Submit a change of address with the postal service to ensure that mail is forwarded to your new address. Utilities and Services Set up utilities, internet, and other essential services at your new residence. Emergency Services Familiarize yourself with local emergency services, hospitals, and other essential facilities. Explore Local Aviation Resources Research local aviation schools, maintenance facilities, and other resources that may be valuable for a pilot. Moving out of state involves careful planning, especially when you are a pilot with considerations for both personal and aviation-related aspects. This checklist is a starting point, and you may need to customize it based on your specific circumstances and needs.
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