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What Cessna improved on the Citation CJ4 Gen2 private jet

More than 2,000 units of the Cessna CitationJet CJ/M2 have been made so far. In a production history that has spanned more than three decades, continuous improvements have been made from the first prototype as we've seen quite a few variants ranging from the CJ1 to CJ1+, extending all the way up to CJ3+ and finally culminating (at least for now) up to the CJ4.A Brief dive into the history of the Cessna Citation CJ4 Cessna CitationJet CJ4 first took to the sky from McConnell Air Force Base in Kansas. This was in 2008. Its launch, however, had taken place at the National Business Aviation Association(NBAA) conference of 2006. More than 400 of this "largest Citation aircraft in the light jet segment" have been delivered so far. Improvements in the Cessna Citation CJ4 Gen2 private jet Textron Aviation, the aviation business unit of Textron, which owns Cessna, designed the Citation CJ4 with the hopes of "redefining travel from the inside." To make this catchphrase a reality, they've equipped the CJ4 with quite a few refinements. Let's now take a look at them to get a view of how this aircraft has an edge over others in the CJ family.1. Enhancements in the exteriorThe CJ4 is 16.26 meters (53 ft 4 inches) long, making it the longest aircraft in the CJ family. CJ4 is 4.62 m(15 ft 2 in) tall and has a wingspan of 15.49 m (50 ft 10 inches). The CJ4 is equipped with a supercritical wing that allows laminar flow. This aids in reducing drag at speeds closer to the speed of sound. The CJ4 has an inboard landing gear that helps reduce the track while also making ground handling swift. CJ4 Gen 2's landing gear has a trailing arm suspension. This allows the pilots to make smooth landings. 2. CJ4 Gen2 has superior performance CJ4 Gen 2 is equipped with COLLINS AEROSPACE PRO LINE 21 avionics, making aircraft operations effective even with a single pilot. The aircraft also has moderately swept wings and a fuel capacity of 2700 kg (6000 lbs), both of which help in the CJ4's excellent performance at low and high speeds. General Features of the Cessna Citation CJ4 Gen2 Maximum Cruise speed: 451 knots/ 835 km/hMaximum Take-off weight: 7,761 kg/ 17,110 lbBasic Operating Weight: 4,663 kg/ 10,280 lbService Ceiling: 13,716 m/ 45,000 ftMaximum Range: 2,165 nautical miles/ 4,010 kmEngines; Power: 2; 16.11 kN/ 3,621 lb eaEngine model: FJ44-4A3. The CJ4 comes with greater versatility CJ4 can be used for various operations, including aerial surveys, flight inspection, utility transport, air ambulance, intelligence, surveillance, reconnaissance, training, etc. The aircraft is designed to perform optimally in any of these operations.4. Enhanced InteriorThe CJ4 is roomier and more spacious than any other aircraft in the CJ family. Its cabin is 21 inches longer than that of the next most extensive CJ aircraft, the CJ3. CJ4 Gen2 can accommodate 11 people at the maximum. Since this aircraft can be operated by a single pilot, it can carry a maximum of 10 passengers. The CJ4 has COOLVIEW skylights, which give passengers great control over lighting. The cabin management system used in this aircraft is wireless, which helps to manage the window shades and cabin temperature much more efficiently. The seating in the CJ4 is also upgraded. 5. The CJ4 circulates fresh air from outside The Cessna Citation CJ4 Gen2 doesn't have a conventional air recirculation system. Instead, it is designed with a system that circulates air from outside into the aircraft. Air from outside (typically cold mountain air at -65 degrees) enters the CJ4 Gen 2 through the engines. Such air is known as "bleed air." The engine heat in the bleed air is then cooled. This cool air is later pressurized to match the pressure in the cabin. Typically, this pressurized air is then mixed with the recirculated cabin air. But in the Cessna CJ4, the pressurized air is heated to kill unhealthy microbes, before being cooled to match the cabin temperature. This cooled air enters the cabin through ducts. In the CJ4, such a circulation of air takes approximately 2 minutes.
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