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Nighthawk Flight Systems, Inc. announces Paul Martin as CEO

Paul Martin has elected to join Nighthawk Flight Systems, Inc., as Chief Executive Officer  

Paul has a long, successful career as an aviation executive. Paul graduated from Cal-Poly SLO. He held positions as a USAF and FAA Flight Test Engineer, and he served as an executive of the legendary Lockheed-Martin Skunk Works and Sikorsky Aircraft. Paul most recently been leading an  aviation consultant organization, and he has led the formation of Nighthawk Flight Systems, Inc. 

His contributions to the industry are well known, including leading the F-117 Nighthawk program, serving in key positions in the development of the F-22 and F-35 programs, as well as many other classified projects. Paul had responsibility for all Government programs at Sikorsky, including the CH-53K, Presidential Marine One, Blackhawk and Navalhawk programs. Paul has been a member of five Collier Award winning teams. 

As a management consultant to Nighthawk, Paul assembled a  team that has re-engineered and improved the legacy Sandel Avionics product line. He will now lead the development of a new generation of groundbreaking avionics technologies intended to improve flight safety and performance for future aircraft.

Nighthawk Flight Systems, Inc., located in Vista, California, is the exclusive US-based manufacturer and technical services provider for the full product range of Nighthawk Flight Systems displays. www.nighthawkfs.com.

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