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Nighthawk Flight Systems, Inc. Company Formation Announcement

Nighthawk Flight Systems, Inc. is a newly formed privately held avionics company specializing in advanced compact integrated avionics solutions for rotary and fixed-wing aircraft in the general aviation, business, air transport, and military markets. Nighthawk also provides embedded software solutions for OEM applications needing advanced terrain and obstacle awareness and alerting functions. Nighthawk's initial product line is a recently upgraded version of the Primary Nav, Primary Attitude, TAWS, and HTAWS systems formerly offered by Sandel Avionics. 

Nighthawk Flight Systems avionics include six advanced displays as well as a Directional Gyro/Standby-AHRS product.

All Nighthawk Flight System displays use our exclusive patented light engine display technology, a third-generation, rear-projection system similar to the displays on the world’s latest military aircraft. Featuring a high-reliability backlight, our advanced displays provide true 180-degree viewability in both the horizontal and vertical axes, along with higher contrast and superior sunlight readability when compared to traditional electronic CRT and AMLCD screens.

Nighthawk is AS9100 and ISO 9001 certified and headquartered in Vista, California.

Visit us at www.nighthawkfs.com 

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