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Offshore Modes Available for Nighthawk Flight Systems ST3400H HeliTAWS® Display

Fulfilling Nighthawk Flight System, Inc.’s commitment to focusing on enhancing flight safety through innovation, Nighthawk is proud to announce the addition of Offshore Modes to the industry-leading ST3400H HeliTAWS® display along with ADS-B In Traffic Display. This capability will provide a new level of pilot awareness when servicing offshore oil platforms. Offshore Modes offer unmatched capability to the Nighthawk Flight System HeliTAWS® displays, which already set the industry standard for HeliTAWS® functionality. Combining its TAWS expertise from thousands of installations in private, corporate, and air-transport airplanes and years of supplying civilian and military users with its 3” and 4” primary displays, Nighthawk now provides the Helicopter Offshore industry with the first multi-hazard avoidance system that alerts against Offshore obstacles and hazards as well as land-based wires, terrain, obstacles, and traffic. 

Nighthawk ST3400H HeliTAWS® Operational Benefits

  • Engineering based on the industry standard ST3400 Part 25 Class-A TAWS
  • Exceeds TSO C194 (HTAWS) standards.
  • WireWatch® & TruAlert®
  • Self-contained 3-ATI size allows the ST3400H to be installed in the place of an existing radar altimeter indicator, giving you two in one.
  • Displays ultra-high-resolution terrain, clearly identifiable obstacles, and current flight plan.
  • TSO’d traffic indicator when interfaced with an existing TAS or TCAS
  • ADS-B In traffic display when interfaced with a capable transponder.
  • Integral Radar Altimeter Minimums (MINS) knob with aural and discrete outputs
  • Best display performance – ultra-high resolution, sunlight readable, LED-backlit display engine
  • MIL-STD-3009 Compliant Night Vision Display Option
  • >10,000 Hour MTBF
  • Tested to DO-160F helicopter vibration standards.
  • Offshore modes per RTCA DO-376
    • Mode 1: Excessive Rate of Descent
    • Mode 3A: Altitude Loss During Take-Off
    • Mode 3B: Loss of Airspeed During Take-Off
    • Modes 4A: Flight Near Terrain When Not in Landing Configuration
    • Modes 4B: Flight Near Terrain When Not in Landing Configuration at High Airspeeds
    • Mode 5: Excessive Downward Glideslope/Glidepath Deviation

Nighthawk Flight Systems, Inc., located in Vista, California, is the exclusive US-based manufacturer and technical services provider for the full product range of Nighthawk Displays.


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