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Phenix and Helitak team up to advance UAS firefighting capabilities

Anaheim, CA - February 27th, 2024 - Phenix Solutions proudly announces the selection of Australian innovator, Helitak Firefighting Equipment, marking a significant milestone in UAS firefighting technology. Renowned for their expandable, durable, and exceptional water drop, Helitak firefighting tanks have been chosen to enhance Phenix's Ultra 2XL aircraft, empowering it to be a formidable fire suppression tool in the future.

Phenix's strategic collaboration with Helitak reaffirms their dedication to delivering top-tier quality and innovation in mission equipment for their Ultra 2XL. Brian Riese, President and CEO of Phenix Solutions expressed his enthusiasm stating, “This joint effort with the Helitak team marks a significant leap forward for Phenix solutions and the Ultra 2XL. Leveraging the Helitak expertise and their high-quality, lightweight, and robust design will enable us to effectively meet our operator’s diverse mission requirements, now includes fire suppression.”

With over 15 years of expertise Helitak has consistently delivered cutting edge aerial firefighting solutions. Their expandable water tank which is tailor-made for each aircraft model boosts no modifications to the airframe but is the epitome of efficiency and adaptability with a focus on amplifying the aircraft capabilities ensuring the operator a maximize water drop when it counts.

Helitak’s President and CEO Jason Schellaars, said, “Our Helitak team has been focused on innovative firefighting technology for every helicopter platform. Recently, we have been working with Phenix on an opportunity to translate our technology to a Heavy-Lift UAS. In an effort to proactively meet the demand created by this new technology will produce a next generation firefighting tanking system for the Phenix Ultra 2XL.

Following HAI HELI-EXPO Phenix's Ultra 2XL will undergo rigorous flight testing, with the Helitak fire tank system’s flight testing scheduled later this year. This strategic collaboration represents a pivotal advancement in aerial firefighting capacities setting a new standard for UAS mission critical equipment.

About Phenix Solutions, Inc.   

Headquartered in McMinnville, Oregon - Phenix Solutions is a veteran-owned small business and non-traditional Defense Contractor building a reputation as a design, manufacturing, and certification leader for Heavy-Lift Unmanned Aerial Systems and equipment. Phenix Solutions targets certified products to meet both military and civil needs in the UAS industry. Worldwide. Phenix has a focus on adaptive technology and a COTS use strategy. Phenix Solutions is producing true multi-mission aerial systems that will significantly increase safety and efficiency in the aviation sector, helping to save lives and property worldwide. For more information, please visit our website: www.phenixuas.com.

About Helitak Firefighting Equipment:

Helitak Firefighting Equipment is an award-winning world leader in the development of external tank solutions for the aerial firefighting industry, founded by Jason Schellaars, an engineer and helicopter pilot that believed it was possible to improve on tanks currently available to industry. Helitak continues developing new products and improvement to the industry’s lightest and most efficient tanks.

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