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SKYTRAC and the Mecaer Aviation Group (MAG) Announce the Completion of AW139 STC for the SDL-350

ANAHEIM, CA, February 28, 2024 – SKYTRAC Systems Ltd. (SKYTRAC), a global leader in satellite communications (satcom) and intelligent connectivity solutions, and the Mecaer Aviation Group (MAG), a leading international provider of solutions for aircraft systems and services across multiple aviation segments, today announced that they completed a Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) and Transport Canada (TCCA) certified AW139 Standard Type Certification (STC) for the SDL-350.

This STC completion was a collaborative effort between SKYTRAC and MAG. Both companies worked together to complete flight testing, installation, and certification of the SDL-350 device on MAG’s VIP client’s AW139. The certification of the SDL-350 on the AW139 is one of the first STCs SKYTRAC has completed for the SDL-350. Due to the diverse nature of this aircraft type, this STC will allow current and future SKYTRAC AW139 clients to utilize the Certus broadband connectivity to meet all operational requirements.

“As one of the first integrators of the SDL-350, the Mecaer Aviation Group is glad to have been able to assist in completing this STC with SKYTRAC,” said Daren Humphries, Sales Manager – Corporate Aircraft from the Mecaer Aviation Group. “Helping to certify the SDL-350 will enable our client to have the highest bandwidth connectivity available on the market to access all of the capabilities they require inflight.”

The SDL-350 is being utilized by MAG’s IFEEL™ inflight entertainment and connectivity system. This inflight entertainment (IFE) and CMS proprietary system can be tailored to any customer requirement and boasts full in-house design of software, system architecture, functions, and graphics interface. Integrated with SKYTRAC’s SDL-350, this system will provide MAG’s VIP client with a leading inflight experience.

“We are excited to have completed the AW139 STC alongside the Mecaer Aviation Group,” said Luke Billington, Regional Business Manager at SKYTRAC. “As one of the first STCs for the SDL-350, this milestone will allow us to continue serving the helicopter industry with the leading intelligent connectivity solutions SKYTRAC is known for.”

With up to 704 Kbps uplink speeds, the SDL-350 provides leading Low Earth Orbit (LEO) satellite connectivity and speeds that enable operators to take advantage of a host of mission-critical capabilities. As a multifunctional system, the SDL-350 enables various mission services, including Satellite and Cellular Connectivity for Cabin and Crew, Beyond Visual Line of Sight (BVLOS) Communications, Automated Post-Flight Data Offloading, Real-Time Video Downlinking, VoIP Communications, Satellite Push-to-Talk, Flight Data Monitoring, and more.

With multiple launch customers, the SDL-350 is poised to benefit nearly all aviation segments, from search and rescue (SAR) to business aviation. As a result, the SDL-350 has more STCs in development across these various segments set to be completed this year.

For more information on the SDL-350 and this STC, visit SKYTRAC at booth 6935 and MAG at booth 8329 from February 27 to February 29 at HAI HELI-EXPO at the Anaheim Convention Center.

About SKYTRAC Systems Ltd.

SKYTRAC, an aerospace leader in Low Earth Orbit (LEO) satellite communications and intelligent connectivity, provides innovative technology solutions to some of the world’s largest organizations. SKYTRAC’s work helps aerial firefighters save our forests, allows search and rescue teams to navigate dangerous environments, provides coast guards and militaries with mission-critical capabilities, and helps empower humanitarian missions worldwide. SKYTRAC’s technologies can be found on all seven continents: fixed-wing, rotorcraft, uncrewed aerial vehicles, and operational control centers. From custom software and hardware development to STC generation, SKYTRAC offers OEMs, operators, and systems integrators end-to-end products and services. Today, SKYTRAC serves over 800 customers on over 900 airframes and is a leading provider of satellite, cellular, and mission-critical services for nearly all aerospace sectors. For more information, please visit www.skytrac.ca.

About Mecaer Aviation Group

The Mecaer Aviation Group is a leading international provider of solutions for Aircraft Systems and Services in the helicopter, business, and general aviation markets. Founded in the 1920s in Italy, MAG has been serving OEMs and operators for over 100 years and has extensive experience with Agusta Westland helicopters. With locations in Montreal, Philadelphia, and Italy, MAG can support a wide variety of clients across the globe. The Group is defined by two Strategic Business Units, “Integrated Aircraft Systems,” which includes two business lines of Actuation and Flight Control Systems and Landing Systems, and “Aircraft Services,” which includes the two business lines Cabin Interiors and Aircraft MRO & Mission Customization. With many approvals and qualifications from regulatory agencies, military organizations, industry, and customers, MAG is a leader in the aerospace industry. For more information, please visit www.mecaer.com.

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