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Metro Aviation continues to see increase in law enforcement completions

27 February – Anaheim, CA - The number of law enforcement aircraft completed by Metro Aviation has tripled over the last three years.  The company’s reputation for excellence in helicopter completions, safety, and customer service has led to an increasingly growing number of law enforcement and government agencies seeking out Metro for their completion needs.

“The word is out for what Metro has to offer the public safety sector;” said Amy McMullen, Aircraft Configuration Director for Metro Aviation. “We are proud to serve these agencies that are serving their communities.” 

Metro’s reputation is built on decades of providing an industry-leading standard of quality and service. The staff at Metro is highly knowledgeable and experienced in the industry; many of them have been with the company for decades. The completion process is highly collaborative with constant communication between the customer and Metro to ensure the aircraft is completed to the customer’s specifications and delivered on time, within Metro’s 110-working day delivery timeline. 

In just a few years Metro has gone from two or three law enforcement completions annually to six in 2023. They currently have six completions in process and another eight already on the production schedule. In total, the company has delivered or contracted nearly 60 aircraft for close to 20 different law enforcement agencies.

McMullen added, “I think the growth in completions and contracts speaks volumes to our reputation and capabilities as a company.

For more information on completions and capabilities, visit Metro at HELI-EXPO, February 27-29 in Anaheim, at Booth 2922.

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