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AviationManuals Sees 26% Increase in SMS Participation as Operators Adopt a More Proactive Stance Towards Safety

(Rockville, Maryland, February 27, 2023) – Amidst the recent safety focus in the business aviation industry, AviationManuals has seen a 26% increase in ARC Safety Management System participation over the last six months. Many operators are now prioritizing a proactive approach to safety utilizing SMS software to stay ahead of risks that can lead to disruptive incidents, or worse, a catastrophic failure.

When you consider the overall volume of business flight activity, the industry remains safe, but is nevertheless always striving to improve. “Increase in usage of SMS is a testament to our subscribers’ safety initiatives and how AviationManuals ‘Risk Assessment Tool’ conveniently provides what is appropriate for their operations” said Charles Tresky, AviationManuals’ Senior Customer Service Success Manager.

Since its earliest days of safety management system development, AviationManuals has often collaborated with clients to make safety easy to integrate into day-to-day operations. Its team strives to make every effort to develop user-friendly SMS platforms that aim to reduce workload for subscribers. One of its most popular apps, ‘ARC’ encompasses a fully configurable SMS platform that does all the heavy lifting while automating processes and allowing for instant insight into daily performance.

About AviationManuals: Founded in 1996, AviationManuals’ philosophy is to make safety and compliance accessible to every business aviation flight department and FBO worldwide. Headquartered in the Washington, D.C. metro area, AviationManuals supports over 4,500 operators worldwide, and is the leading provider of manual development services and SMS software for biz av flight departments, aircraft management companies, and owner/operators globally. For more information, please visit www.aviationmanuals.com

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