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BOOST Systems continues to expand mission equipment offering.

Anaheim, CA  – February 27, 2024 – Boost Systems, known as the global leader in fully certified Human External Cargo Systems, Personal Carrying Device Systems and related Training Services continues to expand their mission equipment product lines.  At this years Heli-Expo, BOOST Systems is pleased to display their modern, light weight, next generation Aerial Wash System.

“With the latest available technologies, there are numerous ways to improve upon the older systems that exist today”, explains Jeff Yarnold, VP of operations. “Our solutions are customer driven and include a list of issues we need to address to create a better system. Designing a solution that checks all the boxes from an operator’s perspective can be a challenge, but we are glad to do the work and bring next generation mission equipment to market”. 

Be sure to visit Booth #8711 to see the Aerial Wash System as well as the other new mission equipment in development. Also, on display are the H125/AS350 Quick Release Cargo Basket and Boarding Step which received certification in 2023.

For additional information about Boost Systems, visit our website at www.boostsystems.ca, send an email to [email protected] or call 1 888 851 4014

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