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Leonardo statement following the release of the New Medium Helicopter Invitation To Negotiate (ITN)

Leonardo is putting forward the AW149 from the Home of British Helicopters 

A proven, in-service medium multi-role military helicopter, designed this generation for the modern battlefield operations while minimising through life costs.  Delivering social mobility around the UK through jobs, investment in skills and top-rated apprenticeship and graduate schemes. 

Leonardo has committed that more than 60% of total AW149 production will occur in the UK, at the Home of British Helicopters in Yeovil and through its nationwide ‘Team AW149 UK’ supply chain. AW149 work will directly create or sustain 1,500 highly skilled jobs nationwide and support more than 12,000 helicopters jobs across Leonardo’s established supply chain. 

Find out more [Team AW149 UK] [supply chain spending]

Designed to survive: Military certified in 2014, the multi-role AW149 began life as an all-new, blank sheet of paper military design, focusing on survivability on the modern battlefield, operations from austere environments and maximising aircraft availability while minimising through life costs. Today, the AW149’s exacting military-off-the-shelf design underpins its selection by multiple international armed forces.

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Ready with onshore skills and facilities: Leonardo in Yeovil is the UK’s only helicopter manufacturer, building military aircraft since 1947. More than 50% of the UK Armed Forces’ current frontline helicopter fleet came from Leonardo’s site in Somerset, which employs 3,300 people. The town and district councils have officially recognised Yeovil as “the Home of British Helicopters”. 

Find out more [the Home of British Helicopters] [official recognition]

Ready for manufacture in the UK: The majority of the AW149’s structural design was undertaken at Yeovil and the company has already made a multi-million pound investment in a new AW149 production line at the site, as well as platform-specific training for the company’s experienced helicopter engineers. Leonardo stands ready to produce the AW149 in the UK should it be chosen. 

Find out more [AW149 UK production line]

A business that already exports British helicopters: Since 2013, Leonardo has generated £6.6 billion in helicopter exports from the UK to customers in North America, Asia-Pacific, Europe and North Africa. This includes £1.6 billion exports in the last 18 months alone. 

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A huge opportunity for future UK exports: There is an addressable export market for more than 500 medium multi-role helicopters that could be satisfied with UK-made AW149s. Leonardo has pledged that should AW149 be selected for NMH, future exports will be from the UK build line. The company has committed that 60-70% of the platform’s content and through-life support will be carried out onshore in the UK at Leonardo and through UK suppliers. With more than 60% of production happening onshore, this could generate millions more pounds in export revenues and UK tax receipts. 

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Keeping highly-specialised skills onshore: As the UK’s only onshore helicopter manufacturer, from design and build to support, Leonardo in Yeovil’s highly-specialised skills provide the UK with Freedom of Action and Operational Independence. The company is unique in the UK as being able to support Urgent Operational Requirements (UORs) should they be called for. During Operations Telic and Herrick Leonardo was involved in more than 50 UORs, including for non-Leonardo helicopters operated by the UK such as the Chinook and Puma.

Find out more [Operational Independence]

Facts and figures: the Home of British Helicopters 

  • Opened 1947. 
  • £6.6 billion helicopter exports from the UK since 2013. 
  • £1.6 billion in helicopters exports from Leonardo UK over the last 18 months.
  • > 3,300 aircraft manufactured: one helicopter for every Leonardo employee currently working on-site (c. 3,300 in Yeovil today)
  • > 50% of the UK Armed Forces’ frontline helicopter fleet were built in Yeovil.
  • 12,000 British engineering and manufacturing jobs sustained by Leonardo’s UK helicopter business.
  • £500 million spent by Leonardo on its supply chain annually.
  • 750 companies are in Leonardo’s UK helicopter supply chain.
  • 250 SMEs account for 25% of helicopters procurement spend.
  • Leonardo in Yeovil‘s highly-specialised skills base provides the UK MOD with Operational Independence.
  • £1.2 million investment annually into Yeovil College engineering apprenticeships.
  • > 150 trainees on early careers schemes at Leonardo in Yeovil.

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