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Moog Flight Tests Daedalean’s Ailumina Visual Awareness System

Daedalean OmniX evaluation kit

  • Moog to build upon flight testing of the OmniX evaluation kit for crewed and uncrewed aircraft

February 27, 2024 – Mineral Wells, TX – Genesys Aerosystems, a Moog company, announced today at the HAI annual Heli-Expo that it has completed an MOU agreement with AI-enabled avionics developer Daedalean to develop an integration roadmap of Daedalean technology into the Genesys Avionics Suite. This comes after successful flight testing of Daedalean’s OmniX evaluation kit on the Genesys OH-58 Kiowa Helicopter. This represents a major milestone for both companies in advancing progress toward AI-enabled autonomous flight.

“Genesys Aerosystems is evaluating Daedalean’s technology for autonomy pilot assistance solutions across various fixed-wing and helicopter platforms,” said Genesys Aerosystems General Manager Paul Stoelting. “OmniX allows us the opportunity to see how Daedalean’s vision-based solutions can move us toward that goal.”

Daedalean leverages the power of neural networks to build systems that process visual data in flight in real time for visual traffic detection, navigation, and landing guidance, offering what the company calls Situational Intelligence – the ability to understand and make sense of the current environment and situation, and anticipate and react to potential threats.

“Having a venerable aviation company like Genesys Aerosystems choose to test Daedalean’s technology is a signal that the industry is recognizing the value of AI-enabled systems both for pilot assistance now and as a step toward autonomy,” stated Dr. Luuk van Dijk, CEO, and founder of Daedalean. “Central to the value of Daedalean’s systems is that we have worked closely with regulators to ensure the systems’ certifiability.”

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