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AVL-High intensity MALSR Setting Out of Service

The switch that controls the MALSR at AVL is inoperative. The lighting intensity is stuck in high intensity (step 3). To correct this issue new equipment is being ordered. There is no identified timeline as to when this equipment will arrive. What this means:

In order to disengage the high intensity settings step 3 has been disconnected.  Meaning the High intensity MALSR setting is OTS

  • Only Low (step 1) and Medium (step 2) are available until further advised
  • Low and medium can be selected manually when the Tower is open
  • Only Low and medium MALSR settings will be available after the Tower closes and pilot control lighting is being used.

This information will be included in a NOTAM to be posted later this afternoon (2/14).

If there are any questions or concerns please contact Christopher Ehresman at 828-684-0421  EXT 9

Created 70 days ago
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