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Becker Avionics Continuous Improvement Programs Excels

Becker Avionics' guiding principle is to focus on the requirements of our customers. Becker does not and will not chase the latest technology for the sake of technology, which is all too common. Priority number one is product support, followed by our best attempt to understand our customers’ operational needs and to develop products that address those requirements.

Becker Avionics is proud to announce several additional capabilities for its next-generation digital intercom system, the AMU 6500. The AMU 6500 is offered in parallel with Becker’s current industry-leading intercom system the DVCS 6100. The

AMU 6500 offers several new features such as 3d audio and Bluetooth compatibility. The Bluetooth capability has recently been expanded to allow non-flight deck crewmembers to operate in the back of the aircraft hands-free without a communications cord.

An example of the value of 3D audio is illustrated in the instance of the pilot or crew person monitoring more than one radio at a time. the ability to orientate radio channels to different positions allows the receiving person to isolate these frequencies without changing volumes or muting the channel not currently being used. This is very beneficial in command-and-control aircraft either in firefighting or law enforcement.

But this is only the beginning of the product plan for the AMU6500 product line.

The AMU 6500 Digital intercom product line has been enhanced by the addition of the ARU 6510. The 6510 allows for the current AMU 6500 to be expanded from its current 3 intercom positions with a total of 12 transceivers utilizing 9 Stereo Headsets or 15 positions using a mix of stereo and mono.

The new split screen function in the AMU 6500 allows two users to share one AMU. Each user will have access to 10 programmable buttons, an independent intercom, and Main Volume adjustments, Individual VOX adjustments, and a TX Selector.

Becker Avionics is utilized in helicopters as diverse as Bell 505s, Sikorsky Blackhawks, and the NH90 program. In the fixed-wing realm, our products span everything from gliders to King Airs, C130s a B17 bomber and a current spacecraft fleet. This diversity of mission sets and requirements has allowed us to develop many unique capabilities. Contact Becker Avionics and let us partner with your team to provide the best possible solution for your unique mission requirements.

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