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Precision to Monitor Airbus AS332s with Foresight MX HUMS

AS332 STC Scheduled for Q2 2024

12 February 2024Precision announced today that next quarter they will begin monitoring their fleet of Airbus AS332 Super Puma helicopters with GPMS International’s industry leading health and monitoring system (HUMS), known as Foresight MX.  Ordered in 2023, Precision will be the first AS332 operator to utilize advanced HUMS for firefighting support in the United States and beyond.

“We’re very excited to see HUMS come to life on our Super Pumas,” said Grayson Barrows, General Manager at Precision’s 145 Repair Station.  “Many AS332 operators like us removed the original OEM system many years ago because of how heavy and expensive it was to maintain.  We also anticipated potential obsolescence issues and knew we had to get ahead of it to futureproof our aircraft.  With Foresight MX, we’re getting the most advanced HUMS technology, an easy-to-use interface, and it’s backed by our friends at GPMS.”

Based in McMinnville, Oregon, Precision performs a variety of utility missions with a mixed fleet of aircraft, including the AS332s.  As a Part 145 repair station, they know how powerful HUMS will be for their aircraft, their maintenance team, and for many of their customers. Barrows continues, “The predictive capabilities of Foresight MX will allow us to become more proactive rather than reactive, allowing us to shift to more scheduled than unscheduled maintenance.  With these additional insights, we’ll be able to shrink our AOG expenses and be ready to fly when the call comes in to dispatch.”

According to Ronnie Ries, Vice President of Marketing at GPMS, HUMS fast becoming a requirement, not an option is something they’re seeing more of.  “To win new contracts, operators are always looking to differentiate themselves from their competitors with newer technology and safety certifications.  As the contracting agencies start to see how this technology will benefit the mission, they will start including them in future contract requirements within award criteria.  For example, task order awards in the new US Forest Service MATOC will be given to operators with ‘modern helicopters’, which includes HUMS as a minimum aircraft requirement.”

While waiting for fire season to start, Precision and GPMS are working hard to complete the certification for the AS332.  Barrows continues, “We’re the developers and owners of STCs ourselves, so we understand the complexities involved in the process.  With GPMS having completed so many STCs already, it’s been a very smooth process.  We can’t wait to start the initial installation in just a few weeks, and we’ve already heard from other AS332 international operators that are interested in learning more about the system.  HUMS is going to be a game changer for us this summer.”  

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