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Smith Myers & AugustaWestland Aviation Services announce partnership to offer a one-stop-shop for retrofits of ARTEMIS for existing Leonardo’s helicopter Customers in Mideast and North Africa

MENA region seen as significant market for Smith Myers airborne location and search systems; announcement at International Search & Rescue Conference & Exhibition 12-14 February in Abu Dhabi,

Abu Dhabi, UAE – 12 February 2024 - Smith Myers and AgustaWestland Aviation Services (AWAS) have formed a partnership to bring Smith Myers award-winning ARTEMIS mobile phone detection, location and communication systems to existing Leonardo’s helicopter users in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) Regions.

Abu Dhabi-based AWAS provide a combination of engineering and maintenance expertise that will offer current Leonardo’s helicopter users a one-stop-shop for the procurement, integration, certification, commissioning, training and support of ARTEMIS onto existing Leonardo’s helicopter offering retrofit programs in the region. 

“With over 200 Leonardo helicopters in service in the region and with AWAS involvement in comprehensive upgrade programs with major customers in the region, the partnership will provide Leonardo’s operators simplified access to this unique technology. We see the MENA region as a significant market for our airborne ARTEMIS suite of systems,” said Andrew Munro, Managing Director of Smith Myers. 

Smith Myers ARTEMIS suite of SAR products has been saving lives around the world. Most recently selected for major UK, European and North American SAR and Coast Guard Programs.  The National Search and Rescue Centre (NSRC) of the United Arab Emirates (UAE) also selected ARTEMIS for installation across their fleet of Search & Rescue Helicopters.  ARTEMIS is also deployed around the world in Maritime Patrol, Border Control, Aerial Firefighting and Natural Disasters.

“This partnership will build on the success of the UAE National Search & Rescue Centre program, where AWAS installed the ARTEMIS systems onto the existing fleet of NSRC AW139s” explained Angelo Vincenzo Carlino AWAS Managing Director, who added “We are excited to bring this transformational technology to our customers.”

With nearly 1200 AW139s in service worldwide nearing 4 million flight hours for multiple roles with around 190 customers in over 80 countries, the bestselling intermediate-twin type has proven a major force also in the Middle East, with a number of aircraft dedicated to emergency medical service and search and rescue duties across the region. The addition of the ARTEMIS system as a customer option would further enhance the impressive capabilities of the AW139 to carry out critical life-saving missions in this geography. 

ARTEMIS has been designed to accurately locate mobile telephones in the challenging airborne environment using only two small antennas. ARTEMIS can detect a phone at extended ranges up to 35Km and provides unique capabilities such as mass-mapping and geofencing to minimise crew workload.

The system is automated, quick and accurate. Leading to more rapid positive outcomes, even in low light/IMC conditions and operates stand-alone with no requirement for involvement of the Mobile Network Operators. 

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