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First H125 orders in Lithuania

Madrid, Airbus Helicopters and Lithuanian operator ASU BALTIJA have announced a contract for two H125s at European Rotors 2023. They are the first Airbus helicopters sold to a commercial operator in the country, and will also be the first two H125 family helicopters deployed in Lithuania. The H125s replace helicopters manufactured in Russia and will be used for passenger transport and utility missions in Lithuania and other markets abroad. 

ASU Baltija has a lot of experience working with Airbus Helicopters providing logistic support for the Lithuanian Air Force’s AS365N3+ fleet. Close cooperation and productive teaming between Airbus and ASU Baltija achieved a fleet availability of more than 96%.

”The procurement of the H125 opens a new page in the history of ASU Baltija as we step away from helicopters manufactured in Russia and look forward to flying the H125, a helicopter that is the benchmark in the industry and is perfectly suited to perform our new commercial activities,” highlighted Linas Elijosius, CEO of ASU Baltija JSC. 

"Even though the H125 is the best selling helicopter in its class, it is always a very special moment when we welcome a new customer. We are grateful for our long-term partner, ASU BALTIJA’s trust and excited to enter the commercial market with them for the first time in Lithuania,” said Thomas Zeman, Head of Sales Eastern Europe and CIS at Airbus Helicopters. "With the performance level of the H125, we are confident that ASU BALTIJA has chosen the right product for the development of their commercial services and we look forward to many more to come."

Today, close to 4,200 H125 family helicopters are flying across the globe in the most demanding conditions. The H125 is the absolute market leader in the intermediate single-engine helicopter category, achieving a market share of 63% in 2022. In 2022, 161 H125 helicopters were ordered, setting a sales record for the past decade.

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