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Blueberry Aviation Marks announces $88 Million Asset Acquisitions in 2023

Madrid, November 27th —Blueberry Aviation is thrilled to announce it acquired helicopter assets valued at $88 million in 2023, the year it celebrates its 20th anniversary. This achievement underscores its growth and footprint in the helicopter sector.

Founded in 2003, Blueberry Aviation, a privately owned and fully independent company, has rapidly ascended to a position of prominence within the aviation industry, consistently delivering turnkey customer-focused solutions that have earned the trust of its 290 rotary customers worldwide.

The $88 million asset value demonstrates Blueberry Aviation’s track record of steadfast growth, even in the face of market challenges and global uncertainties. With acquisitions of various manufacturer brands covering most operation segments, Blueberry Aviation is well poised to offer the right assets for its customers.

Blueberry Aviation is also looking towards the future and is excited to have partnered with Swiss eVTOL firm, Dufour Aerospace, to help bring the tilt-wing design of the Aero2 drone to market. As Dufour Aerospace moves into the global commercialization phase with the Aero2 drone, Blueberry Aviation will expand their portfolio to include the next-generation aircraft.

Blueberry Aviation is also a very active player in the commercial aviation market. In the past two years it completed 16 commercial aircraft sales transactions worldwide.

2023 has been a banner year for Blueberry Aviation as it celebrates 20 years of serving clients, achieves record helicopter asset acquisitions, and makes strategic investments in the future of aviation. Blueberry Aviation’s CEO, Francois Gautier, expressed his gratitude for the support and trust the company has received from clients and partners throughout its journey. "This significant achievement is a testament to the hard work and dedication of our amazing team, and the trust our clients have placed in us. As we celebrate our 20th anniversary, we look forward to many more years of success, growth and to never stop having fun all the while."

“We are very proud of where we are and who we are as a company”, adds Blueberry Aviation’s Executive Vice President, Aubrey Point. “Over the years we have managed to broaden our expertise while remaining very customer-focused. We are proud so much of our business has been with repeat clients, proving our ability to build and keep strong relationships, and deliver dedicated and effective solutions for each of our customers.”

Blueberry Aviation is exhibiting at European Rotors (booth #531) in Madrid—the full commercial team will be attending and they look forward to reconnecting.

Blueberry Aviation is a major player worldwide. Its staff is made up of 25 highly skilled individuals based in Monaco, Dublin, New York, Mumbai, and Singapore, offering helicopter and commercial aircraft placement, sourcing and consultancy services, and trades helicopters from its own portfolio. By 2023 it had completed over 520 helicopter transactions with more than 290 customers for an asset value exceeding $1.88 billion. It also completed more than 170 commercial aircraft transactions for over 65 customers for an asset value above $3.5 billion.

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