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EUROPEAN ROTORS Celebrates Industry Opportunities

Day By Day, The Largest Rotorcraft-Specific Event in Europe Offers Something for Everyone

Very much mirroring the versatility of its industry, EUROPEAN ROTORS is the show to offer something to people from every aspect of the rotorcraft and VTOL sector. It even includes opportunities for people seeking to move from one  industry segment to another.

This year’s schedule features events and programmes designed to highlight specific parts of the vertical flight industry. From the EASA Rotorcraft and VTOL Safety Symposium on the first day of the show, to the events final presentation on the Artemis Space Programme, the organisers have put a lot of effort on presentations and curriculum from subject matter experts from across the industry.

"EUROPEAN ROTORS is so much more than just a trade show floor," says Christian Müller, Chairman and Technical Director of EHA. "We sought out the best and brightest in the industry, asking them to provide contemporary content that will help people in our industry into the future.”

Honouring Spain

In celebration of the host country and its rotorcraft organisation, EUROPEAN ROTORS will feature Spanish Day on Tuesday, 28 November, the first day the show floor is open to attendees.

Spanish Day features a stage dedicated to aviation in this country, featuring an extensive agenda with presentations and live demonstrations.  "It is a very positive opportunity for the sector in our country since we have much to show, including public service flight missions that contribute to society," says Eduardo Consejo, President of Ataire, the Spanish Association of Aerial Work and Emergencies. Spanish Day will be take place on Stage 3 on Tuesday, 28 November from 12.00 onwards.

Honouring Helicopter Emergency Medical Services

In Spain, Helicopter Emergency Medical Services (HEMS) aircraft serve as a vital and essential means of transportation following accidents or disasters. HEMS aircraft are also used during medical emergencies such as medical transfers of patients or vital organs for transplant. Rotorcraft crews also conduct search and rescue operations and fight fires during Spain’s expanding fire season.  

"These crews and their aircraft conduct vital and indispensable missions that deserve special recognition," says Andreas Hjert, the moderator for the HEMS Day. The HEMS Day is scheduled for Stage 2 on Wednesday, 29 November from 10.30 through the end of the day.

Career Day: Find a Job or Hire a New Employee

EUROPEAN ROTORS will again assist the industry with a Career Day event. This programme provides an opportunity for employers to promote open positions and encourages job-seekers to come prepared for interviews. The day-long event, on Thursday, 30 November, will feature presentations from companies seeking to hire workers, followed by guided tours of the show floor for regional schools and universities. It is also a platform to inform one how to become the next generation pilot or pursue a career in the aviation industry.

Prospective employers have three options for participation. First, they may rent a desk to promote their company and receive or review applications. Second, companies are invited to host a promotional event from the stage, where they can highlight their business and employment opportunities. Finally, companies are invited to post content to the digital career section of the EUROPEAN ROTORS website. Information on costs for each option and how to sign up are on the show's Career Day webpage.

Get Your Tickets Now

Information about ticket options, exhibiting, and sponsorship opportunities at EUROPEAN ROTORS 2023 is available on the show's website: https://www.europeanrotors.eu/.


EUROPEAN ROTORS, the VTOL Show and Safety Conference, brings together every aspect of the rotorcraft industry in Europe. EHA and EASA have partnered to bring the helicopter industry the most significant trade event outside of the United States. With three parallel conference streams and dedicated areas for electric vertical takeoff and landing, autonomous operations, and other key future technologies, EUROPEAN ROTORS is already the go-to event for suppliers of helicopters, parts, services, and every other aspect of the industry. 

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