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PTK Ground Contol Frequencies

This Notice is deemed a high alert for mainly pilots currently flying or planning to fly in and out of PTK airport. 

The hazard concern is that should this type of event be repeated, there may be a major surface incident or Runway Incursion in which two aircraft could collide at night or in low IFR conditions.

A recent event at PTK involved the incorrect selection of the ground control frequency which resulted in a pilot deviation. The deviation was a taxi without a clearance.The pilot used commercially provided information which listed a ground control frequency that is intended to be a backup frequency.

The contributing factor regarding this event is based on the commercially produced information listing two ground frequencies at PTK. They are listed in numerical order. The lower numbered and backup frequency is listed first instead of the Primary frequency of 121.90 which in the commercially produced information.  

There is also inconsistency of the way the frequencies are listed - some commercially produced information lists both frequencies and using (P) for the primary frequency and (S) for the secondary frequency. 

The Chart Supplement (aka AFD) lists only the primary frequency of 121.90. The back up frequency is not published in the Chart Supplement. Only use the primary frequency of 121.90 while operating at PTK unless otherwise instructed by ATC.

Recommendation - While conducting your preflight planning - use the Chart Supplement for the Primary information regarding airport information and then use the commercially produced information as a secondary source of information. 

Important Reminder: When ATC issues a clearance or instruction, read it back word for word as much as possible. This will insure that the clearance or instruction was received and understood. Remember all ATC communications are recorded, therefore Sound like a pro - makes you look like a pro.

For further information or questions please contact:

Patrick Ryan, OPS FPM, (734) 487-7455  Email: [email protected]

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