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Future of Airplane and Helicopter digital ICS

Becker Avionics is proud to announce the latest capability of the AMU 6500 Digital Intercom. From the already impressive 12 Transceiver, 21 Receiver, 3 Wide-Band Stereo Inputs, Bluetooth capability and 12 Stereo User Interfaces, a new functionality allows a single AMU6500 control head for two operator positions through an innovative split screen display. This feature will allow each user to access up to 10 programmable buttons, independent intercom and master volume adjustments, individual VOX adjustments and transmit selectors. This will provide valuable options for those cockpits with severely limited panel space.

Becker Avionics has also recently enhanced its inter-functionality between the DVCS6500 and DVCS6100 digital intercom systems allowing the two generations of components to be merged into a single system. This will provide the flight deck enhanced features such as True 3D spacial audio for situational awareness and flight safety. Additional available features include Bluetooth for mobile phone communication and music streaming with “auto mute” function to allow passengers to listen to music or audio books while maintaining ICS capabilities with the rest of the crew and flightdeck.

Near-future capability of the DVCS6500 audio system will also add Bluetooth- capable headset integration allowing operational crew members to operate in the far reaches of larger aircraft without lengthy and cumbersome extension cords, becoming virtually hands free.

This is only the beginning of the product plan for the AMU6500. Keep your eyes open for many exciting future capabilities of the Becker AMU 6500 digital intercom.

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