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EuroSafety Announces New Online Training for the AS350B3e

September 5, 2023 - Las Vegas, NV, USA - EuroSafety, renowned for their comprehensive ground and flight training, now brings that same caliber of training to their new online educational courses. The recently released course is for the AS350B3e dual hydraulic recurrent class. This course encompasses the complete ground school presentation videos, supplementary material, in-depth quizzes, and more. Every student who successfully completes the course will be awarded a Ground School Certificate.

This online recurrent ground school, led by highly experienced instructors, provides pilots the convenience of renewing their knowledge base on the AS350B3e, around the clock anywhere in the world. The course content is available during the subscribing period. The initial AS350B3e transition course will be available September 2023.

EuroSafety International is a global helicopter ground and flight training provider offering training in 32 different helicopter model types. Additional information can be found by visiting www.eurosafety.us or by calling (702) 943.8855.

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