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Hartzell talks new prop offerings, STC approval, Top Prop conversion program at AirVenture

Hartzell Propeller President JJ Frigge announced the latest achievements for the company at EAA AirVenture. Hartzell celebrates a new prop option for the Diamond DA40 NG, expectant FAA approval for Yukon four-blade props for Cessna Caravan utility turboprops, and the upcoming delivery of the 30,000th propeller under the conversion program which began 30 years ago. Diamond offering Hartzell Polaris Prop for DA40 NG Hartzell has worked closely with Diamond Aircraft, receiving a Supplemental Type Certificate from the FAA to replace the DA40 NG MT wood/composite propellers with newer three-bladed, lightweight Polaris composite props. The ASCII carbon fiber props are 74 inches in diameter. The three-bladed prop, for the Austro Engine E4-A, has a lightweight Bantam aluminum hub and a 2,400-hour/six-year TBO with Hartzell's warranty through the first overhaul. The Top Prop conversion kit is made for the DA40 NGs equipped with MÄM 40-434 (Cowling Redesign) or OÄM 40-310 (Exhaust System with Muffler). The three-blade composite propeller delivers low weight, low inertia and low life cycle costs for the Diamond. The prop also provides all-weather durability and the reliability of a carbon-fiber composite propeller system, demonstrated on various platforms. "Hartzell's Top Prop performance conversion kit includes the propeller, a white or metallic silver composite spinner, and STC documentation," Frigge said. "It delivers light, smooth and state-of-the-art improved climb performance, two to three KTAS faster cruise and is more durable, with an eco-friendly 74.1 dB(a) noise level." Wipaire Caravan featuring Hartzell Yukon prop Hartzell and Wipaire are expecting FAA STC approval for the Yukon four-blade propellers. The new four-blade props have improved low-speed thrust and provide better takeoff and climb performance in Cessna Caravans. Wipaire is now accepting deposits for the new 110-inch diameter props. These new propellers are available with or without TKS ice protection or electric de-ice boots. The companies are expecting FAA STC approval in the third quarter of 2023.RELATED STORY:Hartzell, Wipaire taking orders for 'Yukon' prop on Cessna Caravan "On the Caravan with a Yukon prop, Wipaire flight test results showed there is up to a 26 percent decrease in total takeoff distance from land and up to a 31 percent decrease in takeoff from water," Frigge said. "This translates into safer takeoffs and landings on smaller lakes and shorter runways." The cruise speed is increased up to two knots faster at lower power settings, which saves fuel while increasing the speed. The Yukon is also 19 pounds lighter than other available props, weighing only 137 pounds. The prototype was first unveiled at AirVenture in 2022 and has since completed testing. Flight performance with the Yukon is a credit to the engineers at Hartzell and Wipaire and Wipaire's test pilots. Testing confirmed there was no change in the stall speeds for the Caravan. The Yukon's carbon composite construction and nickel-leading edges have reduced the risk of corrosion.Hartzell announced that the prop would be available for order at Sun ‘n Fun in March. The prop features a 75-inch scimitar design, is three knots faster in cruise performance and has a ten percent better climb rate.The new STC applies to C208 and C208B floated or wheeled, PT6A-114A 675 SHP Engine and PT6-A140 867 SHP Engine. 30,000th delivery in 30 years of conversion program Hartzell's Top Prop Conversion Program has seen great success in the three decades since it began. This year, Hartzell will deliver its 30,000th replacement propeller, confirming the years of hard work and success. The Top Prop catalog contains over 100 different product offerings on many aircraft and engine platform combinations. Customers have the option to upgrade to new designs featuring scimitar blades, rugged structural composite materials and blended airfoils. The conversion program offers propellers for Beechcraft, Cessna, Diamond, Mooney, Daher, Piper and Pilatus. Through the program, customers can benefit from shorter takeoff distances, better ground clearance, lower noise levels, reduced tip erosion, increased climb rates, increased cruise speeds and smoother operation.RELATED STORY:Daher delivers first Kodiak 100 equipped with 5-blade composite propeller Through the program, a Kodiak 100 was equipped with a composite five-blade propeller. The aircraft was delivered to the North Carolina Forest Service's Aviation Division to be used as a load aircraft. The new configuration will improve the aircraft's performance and sustainability. "The Hartzell propeller conversion is one of the smartest investments you can make for your aircraft," Frigge said. "The Top Prop STC program makes propeller conversion easy. We are proud of designing, manufacturing, flying and supporting 30,000 props in the past 30 years." 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