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Cirrus Aircraft unveils private pilot training program, Vision Jet upgrades at Airventure 2023

At the first Press Conference on opening day of AirVenture, President of Customer Experience Todd Simmons unveiled their Private Pilot Training Program and more to the assembled press. This program is designed to bring a potential student pilot to their Private Pilots Certificate in an SR Series Cirrus aircraft. This program encompasses an in-depth ground school, combined with a Cirrus Standardized Instructor Pilot (CSIP) utilizing a Cirrus Training Center (CTC). In his speech, Todd Simmons mentioned it was based on their successful program for their Vision Jet. This program which is available through its U.S. Network partners and the Cirrus Aircraft's Corporate-Owned Flight Training Program and incorporates 11 modules with 40 lessons that engage you through four parts, Pre-Study Material, ground instruction lessons, flight instructions videos and performance quizzes and assessments. I asked Todd, would your training program with its consistency and being based on a proven template, have the potential of lowering operating cost, i.e., lower insurability costs for the new pilot and Cirrus owner? Todd Responded, "And the answer is yes, around insurer ability. One of the things we focus on seriously is that we want people in our ecosystem from day one. And the reason for that almost goes back to my comment a moment ago about what was happening in 2009 and 2011, with the Cirrus safety and accident record was quite frankly on par with the industry which wasn't good enough. We should be better than that. And we realized the importance of training people to use the system. So, the answer is yes, that's a qualitative answer to it, because we're just starting up. But we know the insurance companies like when someone's been in the service training ecosystem." Todd also discussed two major upgrades to the Cirrus Vision Jet, Auto Radar, and Cirrus IQ, and existing G2's and G2+'s can get these upgraded. Auto Radar by Garmin technologies allows the Vision pilots to activate the airborne weather radar and as it enters auto mode it adjusts the scans to find precipitation along the route. The manner in which the precipitation is shown is very informative. It provides a composite volumetric view of the precipitation in real-time with a 16-color palette with auto suppression of ground clutter. The Cirrus IQ allows pilots to check the status of their aircraft from a mobile app, this includes such items as flight hours, engine cycles, 02 levels and Maintenance Minder, a feature to keep track of maintenance intervals and the latest Technical Publications.RELATED STORIES:Cirrus adds Auto Radar and Cirrus IQ connectivity to Vision JetCirrus celebrates 9,000th SR Series delivery with limited edition model Cirrus Aircraft recently celebrated the delivery of the 9,000th SR Series aircraft with a destination-inspired limited edition model. The limited edition SR Series reflects the many Cirrus Aircraft owners who emulate the Cirrus Life, traveling without constraint or borders to different destinations. The bold and bright color collection showcases a travel theme, inspired by international destinations and demonstrates the company's wide range of paint schemes. Cirrus is celebrating the milestone with bold colors, unique design and the latest aviation technology. The new Limited Edition model is available now in its four bold color schemes.
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